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applechelleJune 2, 2013

After doing research and reading on this forum, I believe I have been over watering my dragon tree. Could this be the reason for the yellow leaves at the bottom? Also, I have been using tap water, which I realize now is a "no-no", and there is a white ring forming at the bottom of the pot. I'm going to repot with more appropriate soil. Do I need to use a bigger pot or just use the same one?

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

That's an especially nice one, IMO. I have every love possible for the single-stem entity, but the multi-tip, full type is great when it looks that good.

You're right, Dracaenas are sensitive to tap water chemicals. Rain water, distilled, or the condensate from a dehumidifier would be great.

If that's a clay pot, I'd probably trim the roots so it would fit back in this pot. It still looks proportionate, that's plenty of room for roots for a tree that size, and your tree will appreciate the way the clay breathes/dries out more quickly than plastic.

It's normal for the lowest leaves to be discarded on these, the goal is to try to keep it so new ones grow in much more quickly, and that the tips don't go brown on the good leaves long before they turn yellow and shed. Getting away from tap water, at least when it's warm enough outside to catch rain water, has helped my trees in that way a lot.

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