Help with variegated rubber plant

chinabeach60June 26, 2010

Good afternoon all

I have a variegated rubber plant that is infected with spider mites I am getting rid of them but have had to cut a lot of leaves that were damaged, if I cut it back all the way to remove what is left of the leaves will it grow back. Right now it does look a little sad with the leaves only at the top and nothing else. Please help

Thank you Chinabeach

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

How well the plant back-buds depends on the time of the year and the plant's state of vitality. The time of year is right, but because the plant has been struggling with mites, it's almost certain its vitality level will be very low and back-budding unenthusiastic if you were to chop it.

You probably need to take a more holistic approach and ask yourself why the mites were able to get a hold. You'll probably find an issue related to the soil or condition of the roots as the underlying cause - it typically is.

Pruning off the growing tip and the last (the youngest)leaf that emerged will force some back-budding; but even though you can't see it, the roots are the heart of the plant and the top can do nothing w/o root approval. You need to be sure the roots are happy, or your battle will be fought continually on the upslope.


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Thank you for the help

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