my rubber plant has bare stalks

jechezJune 21, 2010

I received a rubber plant in January 2010. It was beautiful and it did very well until recently. We've had an unusually cool and cloudy spring. It was dropping leaves from the bottom regularly but not in abundance. Once it started to drop more and more leaves I started to research the cause on the internet. It's very hard to tell what the cause could be since overwatering AND underwatering result in dropping leaves!!! I also figure a cool draft may have affected the plant. I feared it had root rot because the typical demise of my plants is from MY overwatering them. I also thought it could be root bound considering the plant had grown 2 to 3 inches since January. As I said leaves began to drop rapidly and in a matter of days 3 of the 4 stalks were completely bare. I figured I had nothing to lose and I went ahead and repotted last week. Turns out it was not root bound, and I don't think it was rotten either- roots were white and seemed healthy, soil was wet but not soaked. I only went up one inch in pot size. The one stalk that is left with leaves has 6 of them and to my surprise it has not dropped any of them since the transplant. I am writing to ask... what should I do next???? Thanks in advance, I am desperate and scared I will lose this beauty. I would love to attach a picture so you can see what I'm dealing with but I don't know how. A little help with that would be much appreciated also! Thanks again.

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Open a free account at any photo hosting is one.
Upload your picture to your account, copy and paste the html code provided into your message here. If you did it right the picture should display in preview.
It's that simple.

The leaves that fell off where they soft on the ends (overwatering) or dry and crunchy (underwatering)?
Let it settle in for a while before giving any fertilizer.
Do only one change at a you know what works and what doesn't.

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