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scsva(7/VA)June 22, 2011

Pep fans,

Would it be okay to grow peperomia in orchid mix-the one that looks like loose soil or would it need something more?



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Hi Susan. Yes, Peps can be grown in Orchid mix, but will need more water and fertilizer, although bark will need to dry somewhat..Peps love humidity but don't like wet feet.
Orchid Bark hasn't any nutrients, and dries out faster than soil..

What type of Pep do you have? Toni

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don't know. Was visiting another site at work and someone had this cutest pep growing;rigid stems but seem to be a climber. I couldn't resist and asked for a cutting. I rooted it in orchid mix and it seems to have rooted right away. I think I may be getting a hang of growing peps-might mix the orchid mix with a little of regular soil like I'm doing for my hoyas now.


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Susan, honestly, IMO, I think a little soil would be beneficial.
Your Pep would survive in straight bark, but would need added nutrients and a little more water than if it was potted in soil.

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