Hanging Pots

bouldergrowerJune 14, 2014

I just installed another ceiling hook and moved the double hanging pots to a brighter corner. I described these pots in the hoya forum some time ago but decided to put pictures here as well because they are so versatile. I shorten and lengthen the chains, add and subtract pots, and move them from ceiling hook to ceiling hook as the light changes from summer to winter. They are from Home Depot and I seal the drain holes.

I couldn't figure out how to include two pictures so I merged them

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very nice! what a great idea. Now I'm going to have to go to home depot to see if they have any of these :-)

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In my store they are outside with racks and racks of pots.

Look for:


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That seems to be a great solution for my ever growing collection!
Thanks for the great idea.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

They look great, but pls. explain how you water, especially since you said said you sealed the drainage holes.

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All plants are in 4.25" x 4.25" x 5" black plastic pots from my hardware store. These sit on little less than an inch of decorative gravel. Once a week in summer or every two weeks in winter I totally saturate the potting soil. After fifteen minutes or so I take a turkey baster and suck out the excess water. It isn't difficult at all because I don't have to look into the pot.

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Here is a close-up picture of one of the pots. I stick tillandsias in some of the pots...I try a little of everything I see on eBay.

I only started growing house plants two years ago when I got tired of looking at our fake plants. The hoyas are all growing a little faster than I anticipated and I hope they bloom before getting too big.

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