Repoting Giant Spathiphyllum, potting mix question

KatherynIridaceaeJune 23, 2013

Ok so my Giant Spathiphyllum needs a new home. He's too top heavy for his pot, annnnd I can't figure out how to stake him, so I went out and got him a pot that can support his height. I was wondering if any of you have noticed that your Spathiphyllum or Giant Spathiphyllum prefers a particular brand or home made blend of potting mix. At the moment the mix he is in is just miracle gro, some fresh some old with a mix of used aquarium sand. (I got this plant form a friend and that's just what she had lying around) I feel like I could do better lol

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See I read something that they need good drainage and good water holding capacity. It's like Schrodinger's potting mix... Vermiculite and perlite might solve that problem but I don't think I have access to vermiculite.

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I have some of mine in gravel in pots which sit in a pond. Water is about a third to half way up the pot. The main issue is to not let the water become stagnant. They like a lot of water but excess water in soil can stagnate quickly and become deoxygenated. So soil should be well drained and watered frequently.

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dellis326 (Danny)

How giant are you talking about?

If it's that big, straight gravel might be your best bet with the pot sitting in a shallow container that constantly has an inch or two of water in it. Basically growing it in passive-hydroponics.

You can also mix long fibered (uncut) sphagnum moss with the gravel to wick water higher into the pot. What kind of pot are you using? This method works better if you drill a few holes in the sides of the pot to improve air circulation.

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