lavonn(6B)June 23, 2007

I recently changed most of my houseplants to hydroton. I just received 4 Jasmines. I'm curious if anyone has them in hydroton pellets? One is in full bloom so I'd want to wait till it quits blooming for sure! The one blooming is Madagascar. Also have a variegated, Night Blooming & Orange Jasmine. The orange is a seedling about 6 inches tall. Any help appreciated. Thanks.


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Lavonn, I know you've been waiting for a long time for someone to answer, and I would have answered much earlier - the only problem is that, even though I grow everything in hydroculture for years, I've never grown Jasmines. I've converted well over 100 different plants successfully to the system, but not one Jasmine - yet. I do believe they will do fine. But they may react like Poinsettias, Azaleas, Hibiscus, Gardenias, etc. These types of plants drop all their leaves when converted, and start all over with new growth. Now I can't sweat that your Jasmine will do that, but it's possible it's that type of plant. Are these plants expensive? Are they small? I'd suggest converting one for now to see what type of reaction you'll get. I'm sure it'll do fine; I've never lost any plant while converting. But one plant to start with seems like a better move. And yes, I would definitely wait till the plant is finished blooming.

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Naturelover, Thanks for your input! The plants aren't real expensive, but I couldn't find them nearby & had to order. I probably will just try one. One of them has 2 plants in the pot. That would be a good comparison...just converting one! The only plant I've had a problem with is a Prayer Plant. It's the one with red veins. It's looking pretty bad, lots of leaves have dried up. Everyone else seems HAPPY!

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The prayer plant is probably struggling because of dehydration. The Marantas don't handle lack of moisture very well. To help the plant during this transition, provide more humidity either by placing it on a pebble tray, by wrapping a plastic bag around it or by helping it to root faster directly. One way to do that is by placing the stems directly in water until water roots form and then potting it up in the hydroculture setup. That's how I converted my prayer plant since the stems root easily in water. Change the water every week to supply an adequate amount of oxygen and your plant will come along nicely. The prayer plant is a wonderful candidate for hydroculture but it does appreciate a little extra TLC during the transition.

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Speaking of hydroton, I cannot find this stuff anywhere near where I live, in Muskegon, Michigan. I am having the hardest time! Any ideas anyone?? Need help finding some as I want to try to start a few soiless plants. Thanks in advance:)

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blondetazz0924, you'd have to check at a local hydroponics shop (if there are any 'reasonably' close to you). If there aren't any, you'll have to order the hydroton clay pellets from an online garden/plant store. If you google hydroton, you'll find many links. You can also ask at a local garden/nursery/greenhouse is they can make a special order for you.

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Naturelover, thanks.......I will be looking at getting myself some online:)

Love this message board guys:) !

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Check www.hydrofarm.com then click on where to buy then you can put your zip code and find stores close to you

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So, how did the jasmine's do in hydroculture. I am looking to use hydroton for mine, but I don't want to mess with a good thing unless it's a good thing...

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I too, am in the process of converting plants over to hydroton, I am using an aquarium pump to provide the oxy while they are in the water bath.I am confused on which fertilizer to use though, Thanks

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nancy_pnwzone8(OR zone 8)

hi ken,

i use Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro 9-3-6 for my (mostly) aglaonemas in hydroculture. it is a complete fertilizer and would be appropriate for most standard houseplants. i buy it locally at a local nursery, but it's available on amazon and other sites if you can't locate any.

there are some other folks who grow in hydroton on this board, so maybe they'll chime in as well.

in the short run, i think that any standard plant food would work. however, after months or years, your plants might develop nutrient deficiencies because of a lack of trace elements.

good luck,


ps since it sounds like you're new to this method.... be sure to flush your plants and media with plain water from time to time (at least quarterly) to prevent salt from accumulating.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dyna Gro

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Hi Nancy, thanks for the good info, I actually have been reading good things about foliage pro, i have seen it mentioned in other post,s. I think i will try it.Are your plants constantly in the fertilizer water, or do you remove to air out.I am confused by this,mine is a small set-up, so there is just room for one plant at a time in the water.I just rotate them daily so they each get wet and get there nutrients.I know each species varies,some may need there roots constantly wet.I basically am experimenting, with what i think is not too bad results.Thanks

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I wonder if there's a hydroponic forum on GW???

Actually, I'm glad this subject came up, and Lavonne, hope you don't mind me asking a few questions.

My dh's co-worker wants to grow, I'd guess you call it semi-hydroponic, vegatables.

He's starting this project today.

His plan is to grow veggies in water and soil. I'm not sure which soil he plans on using. He mentioned balls, lol..Are the balls hydroton? If so, he said he'd prefer using them, but they're Expensive!

He also wants to include perlite or vermiculite. Even mentioned pebbles. If possible to have pebbles shipped to his house..

He's converting his shed to a green house, 'shed is next to his house'...he plans on placing a gas line from his house to the shed/green house to heat during winter.

He'll be planting in aquariums..adding fish for fertilizer.

If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it. Or if you know of a forum to ask questions, please let me know.

Thanks, Toni

If there is a forum, can someone please direct me.

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hey toni, go to top of page , click on garden forums.find hydro, they have one here.

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so far spider plant is doing exceptionally well, being converted to hydro,the pothos seems to be doing good as well,dumb cane is not so well.. we will see, still experimenting with proper PH&nutrients.

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Ken, so there is a hydro forum. Thank you.

Do you who grow hydroponically keep succulents in water, too???


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Toni,,not yet but i am going to try them. I am just having fun with this,seeing which plant likes growing this way.

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