Help with Dragon Tree!

jbcubed3June 8, 2013


We have a small Dragon Tree (about 50cm high) and have had him for about a year or so. Recently, about a month now, the leaves have started to yellow - most are still green/slight tints of yellow/brown on the outside.

Was in a 17cm pot it came with

Not sure if over or underwatering, so increased the pot size to 20cm, repotted today and have moved from small kitchen windowsill to the living room window where there's more room.

When repotting the soil was pretty wet, not damp but kind of soaking. We water I would say at most a bowl full every 2-3 days and a general misting.

Not sure what else to do - any tips?

Am not sure if I'm over or underwatering! Do we need to cut off the damaged leaves or just wait and see?

Many thanks! I need to save this poor plant!

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It looks like a corn plant to me and if it is they do not like wet soil, they prefer the soil to be on the dry side. Have you started to water it more lately? Others will give you better advice. I let mine dry out completely between waterings.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Agreed, Dracaena fragrans, also sensitive to tap water chemicals. Repotting is a great way to help combat that, by getting rid of the old soil. You can also catch some rain water, use distilled, or the condensate from a dehumidifier or A/C. Keeping it soggy doesn't allow the roots to breathe.

When it has dried significantly, so the whole thing is much more lightweight, water it gently but thoroughly, so water runs out of the holes in the bottom (and is not trapped in a drain saucer.) You can do that at a sink or outside. When it's finished dripping, sitting it back on the saucer is fine. Then repeat the process.

There are many discussions about Dracaena here, besides amount of light, they are very much alike in their water and soil preferences.

That's a really nice looking plant, BTW! It obviously loves that wonderful spot by the window. Keeping the yellow/brown parts trimmed off helps keep it looking great too, IMO. Glad you took a pic of them though, for this discussion.

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Thanks for the messages :) Since repotting and putting the plant by a different window (with more space), the leaves seem a bit healthier and the soil is still damp so I haven't watered yet.

Still quite a few brown tips though,will those heal?

Also - I'm not sure about the sunlight - is it too close to the window? It's north facing and can get really bright where he is at the moment

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If it's getting more light in the new location(not really sure about direct sun though) it should be okay.

You're stuck with the brown tips I'm afraid. When they drive me crazy I take scissors to them and trim right up close to the green and at least(to me)it looks a little better. :)

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North facing is just fine, south would be a whole different story. I do the same as asleep, I cut off the brown tips, it wont harm the plant and it makes it look so much better. Use a fork and rough up the soil a bit so air can get down into the pot and that will help to dry out the soil some, I hope that made some sense to you LOL..

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