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birdsnbloomsJune 23, 2011

Recently, I've noticed several old posts on page 1 of House Plants, (and other forums) that originated as early as 2005.

I believe new GW'ers fear/or are shy, starting a new thread, so instead, they look for older posts to ask a question about a particular plant.

Don't be shy. Post a 'NEW' thread when you have a question.

The problem is, some people who started threads prior to 2010 get upset when they check their mail and find numerous GW emails.

Once the 'Check here if you would like copies,' box is checked, emails can pour in, filling an Inbox.

It doesn't bother me, but a good number don't feel the same as I. Some people get angry.

So, in the future, if a question needs answering, instead of going back to 2005, start a new thread. No one will bite, and there is no such thing as a stupid question.

People are GW are very nice and willing to help. Toni

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lol.. good to know.

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