How to: Propagation of Ficus Lyrata by Leaf cutting.

mossinajarJune 3, 2014

I would like to share with you a foolproof method of propagating Ficus Lyrata from a single leaf and Petiole.

My cutting was a 6 month old leaf that was beginning to be overshadowed by larger new growth, I decided to prune some of the older leaves that were very close to the soil line.

Break (or cut) the stem off at the node, preserve the entire Petiole, the Petiole on my cutting was about 1.5 cm long.

Find a jar taller and a bit wider than the leaf, fill with 1inch of warm filtered water (I used reverse-osmosis filtered water) add a drop of honey and place the leaf upright in the jar (the water should completely cover the petiole and a small bit of the leaf. cover the the jar with plastic wrap. Perforate the plastic wrap and leave the jar in an area with diffuse sun or bring artificial light.

For 3-4 weeks you will see nothing at all, check for signs of bacteria/fungus in the water and change if necessary. Properly filtered water should not have this issue.

After approx 3-4 weeks a taproot should vigorously emerge. Mine grew 3 inches in 2 days.

At this point you can pot.

I hope this is helpful, as I've hear that Lyrata can be difficult to propagate in water.

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Does it form a new leader,or is it going to be a leaf for life?

I've never done this with a lyrata so who knows...maybe something to it(sure hope so!).

Rooting ficus leaves in terrariums,I too had extensive rooting occur but never anything up top.

I COULD just be jinxed though. lol

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Transferred it to soil, waiting for it to get established before I make any judgments. Anybody know of a magic way to force a new shoot from a leaf cutting?

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Some kind of auxin therapy maybe?

Al(Tapla) knows much about the chemistry of these things...hopefully he will make an appearance!

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No sign of any new growth yet, how would I go about doing the auxin therapy? Just scrape a bit of the skin off the petiole and apply some rooting hormone powder and maybe some sphagnum to keep it moist?

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How did things end up turning out with this? I am all in favor of experiments. :)

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