I love zucchini!

angel54(z5 NY)September 7, 2012

But can not grow it.

Last year I planted a raised bed vegetable garden. Have always planted tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, but decided to try zucchini.

Last year I got vine borers and that destroyed my zucchini. I believe I got 1 zucchini. The nursery told me to put all my fall leaves in the bed and hopefully that would change the ph of the soil and to rotate them I did that and this years the zucchini and cucumber was destroyed by squash borers. Guess I can't win! This year I kept my Sevin right in the garden and that didn't help and then read soap and water would kill the squash borers. It did kill them but there were so many I couldn't keep up.

Any suggestions for next year?

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We wrapped the base of our zucchini with aluminum foil; Much to my amazement, it worked. I think we probably had six plants and more fruit then we could ever hope to eat. as I write this there are 5 or 6 on the kitchen table. And I already had a nice slice of my wife's zucchini bread this morning.

An alternate would be a floating row over. I am having great luck with bridal veil material as it has kept the cabbage moths off my broccoli.

You can beat the squash vine borer beetles.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Prudent Gardener

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I remember reading about placing blue foil at the base of the plant as they say the moth thinks it is the sky and will not land? Anything that works should be worth a try if you love zucchini. Sounds like rayimpenn has found something that works for him.

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I alternated between Sevin and pyrethrum/rotenone, and it kept the borers at bay this year. And I did find an adult borer on one of the plants - I brought it in the house and determined what it was. You have to make sure you apply treatments after it rains. Zucchini is the foundation of my fresh veggie gardening - I eat it more than any other crop, and I freeze what's left over.

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