Pics of my New Babies!

Lamora(4)June 12, 2012

Hi all, I hope your Summer is bringing good things to you.. :)

Look at what Somebody sent me! They have since had the names put on them. I was getting 2 confused, but now all my plants have ID on them--lol-- will never know how you all remember so many names of plants! I envy that.

But this is what she sent me. So far- so good.

This is my little green house-- like I said, small but nice for what I need it for. It isn't in the sun tho. That was just for the pic.

I need to take out a rack for my spider plant for this tho, she is too tall for it. But we worked it out- lol. She is doing much better now. ;)

Anyway-- my new babies are doing good for what I had for them.

Thanks "J" so much.. :)

Mom to a few more plants


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that is great, I imagine they made you very happy.
Have fun & enjoy your new babies.
Your new GH will be used this fall for sure.


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I have that same greenhouse! It is so cute.

Woo, new plants!

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jessiec777(Washington State 5)

They look great! I'm sure they will thrive in their new home :-)

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Isn't it awesome when someone gives you plants?! Just seems so much more special than store-bought. Those are some cute little "kitties," too, nice!

I know you said you moved the GH into the sun to take a pic, but are the plants in there all the time?

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Marj, what great gifts! Very nice haul.
What is the plant in the green pot?

Long ago, I bought two, half the size of yours, GH's. Each have two shelves.

BTW, I can't tell if your gh is enclosed; it'd be a good idea to keep one side open for fresh air.

Also, 'again if enclosed,' since your gh is in full-sun, it can get super hot inside. Have you checked the temp?

Your plants look fantastic, Marj. Toni

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Thanks rina and Jessie-- so far they are doing good.

goddess-- almost need another one! lol

purple-- no they are only in it for the day, until last night the temp was dropping into the low 40's. Didn't want to take the chance. But it may be warm enough for them to stay out tonight. Now only if I can sleep knowing they are out there-- lol

Hopeful- no-- they are not enclosed hardly at all anymore. It is up to 80F in the shade right now. I am so parinoied about them getting to hot. I am going to get a thermometer hopefully today for it, I have noticed it gets hot real fast in it. (just like a car does) Was thinking about taking the plastic off the whole thing for a while.

I am still new at this, still learning.. wish me luck.. ;)

and yes- plants from a friend is sooo much nicer-- :) Maybe one day I will be able to "pay it forward" to someone.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Yes, they look good, bet you're pleased to have'em all potted up. Good to see all that perlite, they should drain well.

FYI: for the next repotting, that pot for the Jade Hobbit/ Gollum is rather large for the plant size. Next time, I'd pot it smaller & also use a clay pot. A large pot like that can lead to problems of overwatering, so pls. water carefully & as we say in the succulent world when it comes to watering, when in doubt, don't. Happy growing, may they do well for you.

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I don't have GH, but if the temps are close to or over 80F, I wouldn't keep anything in the GH, or I would take the plastic off completely & just use the shelves for display. Otherwise they will cook/suffocate in no time.

I would think that it would be good to keep plants overnight in the GH with the plastic on if the temps are less than 50F. Thats what the GH is for, to keep them warmer.

Anybody with the GH - what do you think?

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pirate-- Thanks, and yeah I know the pot is too big, I didn't have anything smaller at the time, I am keeping a real good eye on it tho. How big should the pot be for that anyway? I don't have anything smaller right now, kinda waiting for a "butter tub" to get done with to use that, but would that be too small? Hope mom don't throw this one away like she did the last one-- ugggg!! found out I like those for smaller plants.

rina- that sounds like a good idea to take the plastic off when it is this hot, just put them on the shelves for now.

We went for a 2 hr drive and got back and the wind had blown the flap part over the opened part, and yes, it was warmer inside but so far I dont see any damage done. They are all inside now, sun was beating down on it pretty hard. Where it is now, the sun hits it maybe for 2 hrs at the most, but today it was a hot sun.. I do believe Summer is finally here... ;)

But thanks for well wishes for my babies- :) I will take all the advice I can get, but you already know that, don't you--


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

I agree with taking off the plastic for the summer. The plants need fresh, circulating air. And ever heard of the ant being fried with the magnifying glass? Nobody wants that to happen to your babies!

Totally agree about butter tubs making good pots, just put some good holes in the bottom. You can get a matching set in diff sizes! LOL! One of my plants is in a little white trash can (with holes.) I'm out of pots, too, and for any further propagation experiments, I'll be using square instant coffee containers. They used to be General Foods International Coffee but it's changed names. Also used to be a metal tin but now they're plastic. We go through a couple of these a week and since they're not "1 or 2" plastic, I can't recycle them here, only reuse. We're doing what we can with what we have, aren't we?

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purple-- that is so pretty! I am almost afraid to combine plants like this. So far all I have is my 'Brasil' and Potho in one pot. Golden Potho is doing much better then the 'Brasil'-- or is it the other way around, need to look again.(dont ask) I am hoping they will become friends and thrive and be really pretty later on.

I have a peanut butter jar that I am going to use. Cut in half, put holes in it. So anything I can think of right now is something to use. recycling is what we are doing-- that is a "good" thing?? lol

And plastic is off of the GH, mostly in shade, some sun in a few hours for an hour or two.. that shouldn't hurt them-- should it?

anyway thanks agian. :)

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Sounds great! Yes, a good thing. I think even Martha would approve but you know she'd get the hot glue gun or sewing machine out, maybe the knitting needles or the glass blowing tools, and make some kind of decorative covers. Probably a lot more successfully than when I glued seashells to pots one year. I'm sure it could have looked good, but I failed. I admit a lot of the trouble was the way I glued some cockle shells jutting out to make tiny pools of water for the tiny critters like butterflies and praying mantis. It just looked like some elementary school kid's project, was always dirty, never occurred to me they'd dry out after baking for about an hour in the sun, and I told people all summer my daughter did it!

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lol-- poor kid! taking the blame for what a parent did-- boy! (like I have never done that!) ;) I was just thinking of paint and stencils, yeah, cheap and easy.. thats me. Only thing is, I never remember to do that till AFTER I have a plant in it! Maybe one day I will do it right.

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