Danae racemosa as a houseplant?

krikitJune 11, 2011

Can anyone tell me if Danae racemosa (Perennial Poet's Laurel) can be grown indoors? I have it in a pot outdoors, and really like it so was wondering if it could be brought in for winter ..... and still look good.

thanks in advance!


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Frances. I Googled your question, but each site says this plant does well outdoors, or in a container: outside.

Do you have a garden? Perhaps you can place most of the plant in the garden, and a section in a pot and try growing indoors..But, I'd keep it outside when the temps are warm.

Do you know how close Danae racemosa is to Bay Laurel? Toni

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Thank you so much for the info - I do have a garden and actually had this in the ground but needed to relocate it as I don't have a lot of shade and it was getting a bit too much sun. So I do now have it in a large pot and it's doing well - it's just that we are just now completing a rather extensive home repair that we'd have not taken on by choice, but since rotted floors forced us into it we now have a really nice new living room and I was hoping for a special plant to place in front of my northeast window. I'm not particularly good with house plants - I mostly garden outdoors, and had pretty much sworn off trying to grow anything indoors but this spot is just begging for something lush and green - and vertical - so, that is the reason for wondering if I could grow the danae indoors - love the look of it, but I need something easy.

And .... no, I did not know it was related to bay laurel - thanks for adding that info :-)


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Hi Frances. Perhaps you can leave your Danae in the container throughout the year. I checked the hardiness zone..6-9.

If push comes to shove, place in your window, see how it does. If it starts looking ill, 'within the next few months' you can always set outside.
It's hard to tell during winter months since many plants go dormant or slow down.

Frances, the only thing I know about Danae is what I read on the net..'don't have this plant.'
So, I'm not sure if it needs a cool period, or if it's evergreen or deciduous, etc.

It never hurts to experiment. Are its leaves thin or thick? Is your north window bright?
A northern exposure outdoors in a lot sunnier than an indoor northern window.

If its leaves are thick, it probably needs more than a north exposure. Especially if the window has curtains/blinds. Toni

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Thanks again for the info and you're right it never hurts to experiment :-) The leaves are kind of stiff like an evergreen holly but not real thick like a succulent - and they are evergreen. And although the room does only have a northeast exposure, it is a large window (36" W x 64" H) and will only have sheers which I'll probably have open most all the time. There are 4 other windows of this size in the room so it is a bright room. Think I'm going to go for it!!!!


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