This rain doin Your Houseplants Any Good

teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)June 29, 2013

This is specifically for people of the east coast and Upper Midwest. I know the west is HOT and DRY!!!!! All across the eastern seabord from My Precious New york To New England in the north strecting to as far south as S Florida And west to eastern Midwest the rain has been Drenching. My houseplants are loving it. Are your houseplants doing in this weather. Albany has avoided the worst of the storms but rain storms still come here on a daily basis.

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Hi Teen,

Yes and no. I believe it's the 15th day we've had rain, and T-storms during night.
Probably most here agree rain water is far better than tap.

Most of my plants summered outdoors are succulents.
'Speaking of rain, it's just started.' lol
Anyway, I'm not worried about small succulents in 4" pots, but I'm a tad concerned about larger succulents. 8" and bigger.

Pro, rain washes leaves, and is chemical-free. A clean rain leaches soil, but Con is daily water washes out nutrients. Doubt fertilizing will help if it continues raining..

Otherwise, foliage looks great.

The few tropicals outside are flowering.

Another week is supposed to be chilly. Nights low 50's. If soil remains wet there's a chance of root rot.

Oh, one last con..IL is very windy. Before and during a T-storm, wind pics up. The other day we had 65 mph.
Well, you can imagine the number of plants that flew off Gardenia, rolled down the stairs, two doors down. lol.

On the other hand, a mild breeze is wonderful. Foliage sways...air circulation..and the sweet scent of fragrant flowers permeates the air.

What about your plants? Are they enjoying the rain? Toni

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

Hi toni, yes just about all my plants are loving it. I have had to keep my desert rose alive

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since midnight today we got 1.46"! I water my indoor plants with mostly rainwater that I collect for my carnivorous plants (They can't take tap water). Rainwater does seem to spike growth, probably from the stuff in the air it picks up on the way down.

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auron22(6b OH)

Kind of, mostly no. Had to place all my orchids, serissa foetida, and epiphyllum hybrid cutting under the large awning on my porch. Had to bring all my other cacti/succulents indoors. At first I was like "oh goodie, won't have to worry about watering for a while"...but then the rain just kept coming! It had rained every day for the past week I think, and my area is supposed to get more today and tomorrow.
On the other hand, my tillandsia really loved it, one of them is about to open a flower. My hoya also seems to be fine. My jasmine and jasmine pup seems to love it, along with my potted wisteria. The wisteria responded with 1' new growth in like 5 days. Scary :O

Not relevant to houseplants....but my dog has not been enjoying the frequent t-storms. She has kept me up most nights. Looked like she could shake all the fur off! Then many neighbors decided to light fireworks some nights....yea. She is so drugged up on adrenaline she doesn't know where to go. She sporadically runs upstairs, then downstairs and climbs on the tables/dressers. The climbing is new....

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Not so chill here, just way too much rain--for about a month now. Not extreme heat--yet, just saturated humidity. Cacti and succulents never went out this year. Rosemary bushes outside look a bit sad due to the wettness, otherwise more or less looks like Vietnam during monsoon.

Here is a local forecast calling for more endless rain and storms.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rainy forecast

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Sorry, I'm out of the realm of geography from which you asked for comments, but I'm having trouble keeping succulents in enough light while keeping them from getting rained on too much. There's a limit to how much difference "well drained" can make in the face of so much rain, so often (which also means less sun-shine time.) The myriad of Sedums I've gotten in trade lately are in the ground but still pouting. Also, like Toni said, these rains are often in the company of high winds. I'm rearranging my porch twice, three times a day some days for these reasons.

Most of these rains, nothing needs water, where usually I'd carry every potted plant to the yard for a drenching. No plant is un-flushed at this point, so that's good.

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Most of my outdoor plants aren't getting rained on (they're too far back on the patio to get any rain), but so far I've lost two cacti. I was inspecting everyone the other day (of my C&S) and noticed two with large holes in their sides. Poo. :\


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