dig up aspargus?

dolivoSeptember 26, 2011

Hi, this spring I unknowingly planted my aspargus the wrong way. I layed the crowns sideways because I didn't know better. I have now learned the correct way to plant them.

My question is: Once they have died back this fall, can I dig the crowns up and replant them the correct way? Will that damage them?


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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Yes, just dig carefully and wide to avoid root damage.


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thanks, Dave!

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I don't understand. No mater how you planted them it sounds like they have done OK. If they have done OK, I would leave then as is. HUMMMM How could you plant them sideways?

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Yeah.... I'm not buying it either ;-)
There is no way to plant them wrong, if they are alive, they are fine and don't need to be dug up, if they are dead, digging them up won't hurt them more than dead ;-)

Here are my video's on Planting Asparagus French Intensive /Bio-Dynamic (Square foot). Watch all four ! !

Here is a link that might be useful: French Intensive/BioDynamic Asparagus (see all four)

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I agree... don't dig them up. Commercial operations just toss them in and they naturally lay sideways. I did the same thing in April. The top of the crown where the shoots form will naturally reorient itself and the spears as well. Digging things up would IMO be destructive and offer no advantage.

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wow. ok, thanks everyone for the advice. I'll leave them as is then.

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What is this I read about removing the female plant? Why? Isn't the female the one to produce seed? Can you use the seed for more plants? How will I know when the seed is ready for harvest?

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buford(7 NE GA)

Hi, I found this info on another website:

Select the new all-male hybrid asparagus varieties such as Jersey Giant, Jersey Prince, and Jersey Knight. These varieties produce spears only on male plants. Seeds produced on female plants fall to the ground and become a seedling weed problem in the garden. Female plants also have to expend more energy to produce the seeds that decreases the yields of asparagus spears on female plants. The all-male hybrids out-yield the old Mary Washington varieties by 3 to 1.


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