Saving sweet potatoes over winter

Cait.418September 11, 2012

I harvested a huge number of sweet potatoes at a PYO farm recently. I've used all of them except about a dozen little fingerling size ones. I really wanted to use these to start slips for planting, however, it's beginning of September here and I know growing slips now would be a waste. How do gardeners save vegetables and starters from one season to use the following season? Is there a way to save all these tiny sweet potatoes over the winter without them rotting, so I can start slips in Spring? I know I could get more from the grocery store, but it seems like homesteaders must have saved their harvest from year to year? (In case you can't tell, I'm new to gardening).

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denno(z7 NC)

My sw potatoes are still in the ground, but probably in a couple weeks, I'll dig them out. Then after curing for a couple more weeks outside, I bring them inside in a large planting pot.(40-50lbs)As we consume them, the rest stay very well over the winter, and I'll keep one large potato to grow my slips in the Spring. Sweet potatoes store very well in a dry place at room temps.

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bart1(6/7 Northern VA)

denno -
Do you keep them in dirt in the planting pot, or just in the planting pot?

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

denno, keeping them outside for a couple of weeks is a nice option in z7, but probably wouldn't work too well in the northern zones. We already had frost near here last night. There was a thread recently on this subject just a little further down the page with a few other good suggestions.

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denno(z7 NC)

Bart1-I usually put the potatoes in a planting pot without any soil. I do put some paper towels between the potatoes to promote air circulation.
Edweather- Yeah, too cold! So I would put them in a not too cold part of the house, where they would not be too much humidity. The main thing is giving the sweets time to convert the starch to sugar, I believe. You'll love the flavor in the cold months!

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