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Maranta fans,

If you're successful with these plants, please provide your growing tips.

In my visits to the Garden Centers, I see that EA has put out a drop dead gorgeous Maranta, Marisela (I believe). I'm not planning to buy this because I can't see getting into still another plant family but this is a beautiful plant.


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Susan, I'm not going to say I'm successful, but I have luck with some Marantas, Calatheas and Ctanths. sp.

This is M. 'Lemon-Lime.' IMO, it's hardier than other's a little over 2-yrs-old..

There are some brown spots, because room is too hot, sun way too harsh.

A relative of Maranta, Calathea 'Peacock' is another of my favorites and easy keeping indoors..

Tips..Bright-indirect temps, 'not freezing.' Humidity = misting, trays and a humidifer.
Soil needs to dry between waterings, especially in winter. Semi-rootbound..That's about it..Toni

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Yours are very pretty as well!

I care for a calathea in the foyer at my office-a huge plant that must be all roots but its still going.

I probably would have bought this one if it had been in a 6 inch pot instead of the 8 inch which is about $15. That's not so bad but I've gotten so much this season already. :) I'll probably stick with my main hoyas which are easy to grow.

Thanks for the info.

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Susan, didn't know you liked Hoyas..I agree, in comparison to Marantas, etc, Hoyas are child's over-watered.

Which Hoyas do you have? Do you have a favorite?
Did you ever hear of H. Sigillatis? It's one heck of a beauty, but difficult. I've had a few the last couple years, but they died. They were basically seedlings. I would like to get my hands on a mature Sig. Flower color 'looks?' gold.

There was a nursery, Asiatica. They had a Hoya called 'Pot of Gold.' Don't know if it was the photo, but it was the most beautiful Hoya I'd ever seen..The problem was price.
I can't recall the exact cost, something like 65.00 for a 3" their plants were expensive, but rarer types usually went over 100.00..think the nursery closed.

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I used to have lots but life happened and lost most of them.

I'm back into them but have mostly the EA varieties and whatever Cowboyflowerman has mostly. I've gotten most of the ones from Pepper's Greenhouse (Accents for the Home and Garden) and a few from some other collectors. The one I wanted back the most was the heirloom carnosa and I found that on Ebay a month ago so I'm pleased with that. It's starting to try to wrap around everything already.

I'm into hoyas, peps, cane begonias and other odds and ends plants... LOL!


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I purchased 2 small prayer plants from HD a couple of months ago and put them into one pot. I put that pot into a larger plastic shallow pot (from salads bought at Costco), put aquarium gravel 1/2 up, and then added water for humidity. In addition, I filled a glass with water and put that underneath the plant. It's near a west-facing window upstairs. So far she's happy.


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Can't say that I'm successful with marantas, as I only have the venerable old prayer plant, but my plant has been with me for the last seven years and it seems to be happy.

Its year-round home is a small table in a south facing window at the bottom of the stairs...the window looks out on a covered front porch. The plant gets the right amount of light reflected off of the light porch flooring.

My plant grows lush and bushy through the summer months, and by late winter it begins to look a bit on the tired side, leggy from the lower light. Once the days grow longer and the sunlight is more intense, up come the new shoots and I prune the old back as it begins to wither and really look untidy. Every year, it sends up its tiny flowers, which, while some term them "insignificant," I find that they add a little something special to the plant.

I feed it one a month during the summer, and make sure that the soil is always moist (not soggy). With the porch roof overhang, I find that I must turn the plant every couple of weeks, in order to keep it shaped nicely.

Other than that, it's been a low care plant that I enjoy every time I walk past.

I must add that I was living in Pittsburgh at the time of purchase, and had been looking for a prayer plant for a number of years before. I figured that since the plant has been around for such a long time, it had fallen out of popularity. Then, one day, I found my plant in the local WalMart. It pays to always be on the look-out!


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HI..this is my plant, and it sits in the middle of my living room on the coffee table, (which is 39" across) ...filtered light, about 4 feet from a south window and I fertilize it once a month...

good luck with yours, (if you buy one)..hope this helps you...linda

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Susan, I know what you mean about starting different families. lol
Some of my favorites are Hoyas, Aglaonemas, certain Dracaenas, Kalanchoes, Crassulas, Calathas/Marantas, Philodendrons, Clivias, Citrus and recently started on Begonias/Canes. There's more but I'd be typing all day. lol

Tammy, it's a good idea potting two together. The plant is compact, looks nicer.

Joe, did you ever consider artificial light? Even a plain, old light bulb helps.

You're right, when you shop at any store, look at/for their'll never know what you'll find.

Linda, beautiful Maranta. 39" wide..Wow!! Great size. Its leaves are lovely, healthy.

Here's a pic of my Lemon Prayer Plant, bought on Ebay in 2009. The seller has different varieties, all nice.


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