Need help with my potted calla lily

greenjesse(6)June 12, 2011

I have two calla lilies that I keep as houseplants. The first one I planted as a bulb and have had for a year. It's massive. And it won't bloom. Why won't it bloom? The plant looks great. It continuously gets new leaves but no blooms ever! The other one I bought when it already had a bloom. Soon as I brought it to the house, the bloom started to die. It hasn't bloomed since! It's doing well also. What is my problem? They both sit at south facing window. Plenty of sunshine. I water them once a week when the soil dries and fertilize it every two weeks. Please someone tell me what to do!

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marquest(z5 PA)

I have never tried to grow mine as a houseplant. I would suspect that it is not getting enough light. Mine go outside every summer. I have mine in Morning sun and I give it 1/2 strength fert every week.

When I first purchased it did not bloom for 2 years.

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I will start fertilizing it a little more. I have another question, when it does bloom, how long does the bloom last and is it like regular lilies in that it only blooms once a growing season?

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marquest(z5 PA)

The blooms last a long time I say about two weeks. Mine blooms all summer outside.

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GreenJesse -
I just 'adopted' a nice sized plant, it had no blooms and hadn't bloomed for the owner for years. I got a big chunk of the division. I planted in a good, rich soil, into a pot bigger than the rootball, and put it in a western window where it gets nice bright yet slightly filtered light. Within a few weeks, I had a shoot, and now it's blooming. Looks great. I do not fertilize. Anything. Ever. I cut off any yellowing leaves and water when the leaves begin to tip downward. (My house is never cooler than 72 in the summer and no hotter than 78)

Hope that helps.


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Personally, like marquest, I would dig a hole and plant them outside. When frost kills the leaves, dig up the bulbs (which are actually rhizomes) and store until spring.

It sounds like your plant may have produced so many new bulbs that the pot is too crowded with them. And if it's been a year, new soil is probably warranted. It may also need watering more often if the soil is becoming dry. They like to be moist. Make sure your fertilizer has a lower first number (the N - like 3-5-5 - just an example, this may or may not be a real fertilizer number) to make sure it doesn't get too busy making only leaves.

This site which says they can bloom all year may be helpful or interesting. It sounds like the author is growing them outside in a very warm place, so I don't know if the advice there applies to potted plants up north.

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