Rooting Poinsettia Cuttings.....

ninecrow(England)June 18, 2007

In Oasis, do you think it'll work? I've done 4....

Thanks Guys


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I thought oasis was to put cut flowers into to hold them up, is it a rooting medium??

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trace00969 This from the Passiflora Forum.... I asked about rooting Passion Flowers in it....

Hey NC!!!
This works so well!!!!
Posted by msbatt 7 (My Page) on Wed, Apr 25, 07 at 13:13

I've had the most success in rooting passies using florists' foam ('wet' foam) as my rooting medium. Soak the foam for 10-15 minutes, then cut it into small cubes no more than an inch on a side and place them in a shallow tray with enough water to come half-way up the sides. Cut your passie cuttings into two-node cuttinggs, snipping about a quarter-inch below the bottom node. (Note---it's EXTREMELY important to be certain the 'bottom' node is actually the rootward end, and it's EASY to get confused with passies---always work from the tip down, just to be certain.) Carefully remove the bottom set of leaves, and I usually rreduce the size of the leaves on the top node, too. Dip the bottom end in just a touch of rooting powder, and insert them into the foam until the bottom node is just barely below the surface. Place the tray in bright but indirect light, and keep the foam moist at all tiimes. Once you see the roots coming through the foam, they're ready to pot up. As the roots grow, they'll break down the foam by themselves.

Which is why I thought about trying Poinsettias using this method....

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

It works well with SOME plants, not all....but floral foam has been used as a rooting medium for many years. I would think that poinsettia would do very well with it.

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Just cruising the forums and found your name again ninecrow. Did you ever try this method of rooting poinsettias? I had never thought of floral foam before. If it worked then maybe I will propagate a few plants like that.

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Hi Nine, how's Devin?! Mine is o.k. I'd stick with regular potting medium personally. Or Perlite.

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Short answer to that is No, it didn't work... Might try again, but I'll be shure to do some in regular potting compost... Wonder though if Draven's weak growth last year had something to do with why the cuttings failed....
Any thoughts guy's????????????

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