Pachira cutting- help!

somewherethatsgreenJune 5, 2011

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Hi guys, I was growing a Pachira from a cutting... the little guy has a *lot* of sentimental value to me. The leaves and new shoot grew really rapidly and nicely from it.... and then an accident (don't want to go into it... sheer stupidity- sigh) had the whole new section of shoot and leaves lopped off. So anyway I'm left with the original cutting, no leaves, no new growth since the accident. I know people will tell me to give up on the plant at this point, but I can't let go of it until it's, well, as dead as dead can be. Anyway I've noticed some mealybugs and... what I think might be scale on it [is the fact that mealybugs are around a sign it's still alive/hanging on?]. I'm not sure-- I can't tell whether it's scale or the nodes on the plant-- they look too big to be scale. I've started spraying neem oil on the stem. Has anyone ever used a toothbrush to get rid of scale without causing damage to the plant? ANy other suggestions at all that I could try (even if it's likely to be a gone cause) would be really welcome.

Here's a pic:

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Cut the top and a new shoot should come off.

And try to put a better picture...maybe of the whole plant)

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Thanks- I cut the top of the shoot off but no new growth yet.. hard for me to get a good pic of the top of the plant- what exactly should I be seeing to indicate that it's still somewhat alive?

Thanks again!

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I can't tell at all what the picture is meant to show.

If it's alive, it will still be green and pliant - not shriveled or wrinkled.
Try to take a pic of the top with your hand behind it to provide a solid background.


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If you literally just cut the top off as suggested, you are going to be waiting a while to see growth, somewhere in the range of weeks, not days. If your cutting is still relatively new, meaning that it hasn't established a good root mass, cutting it again is going to really stress it out, as the stored energy in that cutting was being used to grow roots and top growth. If you cut the fresh top growth off again, the poor thing used up all that energy, only to have it cut off. As for the pic, I don't know what in the world that is, but it doesn't look normal to me. At this point, just be patient I guess, and wait to see if any growth starts to form.


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Thanks for the replies, guys! The pic was supposed to be of the bottom of the stem- I agree Joe- it sure doesn't look normal! It doesnt feel dead (brittle or mushy) though.. so I guess I'll just have to wait and see. Occasionally I see a few tiny dots of liquid or something on the stem that sort of sparkle in the light- not sure if that's sap. What's the best thing to do for a fragile pachira cutting? How often should I water/mist, and how much/little?

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Keep the mix moist - not wet.

Pachira do exude a clear sappy substance, generally along the leaf petiole.


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Many thanks Josh!

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