varigated fiscus advice

shenue(z7 MD)June 19, 2011

A couple months ago I received a planter. It has a variety of plants in it. One, being a small fiscus with varigated leaves. It has been doing so well in the planter but it really is time to transplant it into its own container. In the past I have found fiscus to be very tempermental about location changes and especially transplanting them to new containers. Although I usually have a fairly green thumb, I have never gotten a fiscus tree to live. I would really love to have success with this one. It has an emotional meaning to me. The planter was given to me when my mother passed on two months ago. Any advice about transplanting/care would be so appreciated!



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shenue(z7 MD)

Oh and I'm not positive of the variety, but it looks like the common fiscus bengamina, or closely related to it.
Thanks Again!

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Linda, first I'm very sorry about your mom.

How tall is the Ficus and are there other plants in the planter?

Since it's doing well, maybe you should keep inside the planter a while longer?

If you want to place in its own home, remove all plants carefully. If there's more than one plant, you'll have to do some untanling.
Separate roots.

You'll need to repot depending on root size. Don't over-pot. If roots are small, a 4" plastic container will suffice.

Pot, using a well-draining soil.
After your Ficus is in its new home, give it a hearty drink. Take to the sink and spray foliage.

Set in a semi-shady to medium light spot. No full sun, yet.
Depending on temps and humidity, if your house is dry, set in a plastic bag with ventilation. Slits will do, or if you have a large plastic bag, set inside, leaving the top opened. Remember, no direct sun..

Let sit about a week. Don't water wet or moist soil. Allow soil to dry between waterings. When you Ficus looks established, remove from plastic.

Gradually place in brighter light. In the meantime, spray foliage.
Water when soil is dry.

Add half-strength, All Purpose Fertilizer, once a month during growing season. Withhold from Oct to January.

Some leaves might drop. Especially since it's a Ficus Benji. They will return.

Good luck, Toni

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shenue(z7 MD)

Thank you Toni.The Fiscus is small right now. Probably not more than about 12 inches tall, but fairly full. The leaves are so nice right now, soft and flexible and I hate the thought that I am about to cause them to turn yellow/brown and fall off. At least that is my past experience with fiscus. UGH! There are quite a few other plants in the planter. That's why I don't want to wait much longer. I know, from past experience, fiscus just don't like to be fooled with and I hate that I have to separate roots. I just want the shock to be minimized to the fiscus. There are hmmmm, I'd say at least 5 other plants in the planter also. There is even an African Violet in the mix, along with the typical palms, common philo, and several others. If the fiscus was all by itself in the planter, I would leave it for now. But I know the longer I wait, the harder it is going to be to separate the jumble of roots. Sooooooo....I guess it is now or never.

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