Why are so few people posting?

concretenprimroses(4B NH)November 8, 2012

I stopped coming 'round for a while because I got complaints about my posting being more about selling plate flowers and totems than about garden junk. I thought they had a point so I stopped. When I returned I expected to find lots about "real" junk, but instead there seems to be less than 1 post per day. I miss the wonderful ideas! Personally I've been sewing more, trying to come up with clothes for my "temporary" office job without spending a lot of money, since it doesn't pay health ins. and we are paying $1200/mo for our cobra (not a snake, carrying over our health care from last job.) So I don't have a lot to contribute to the garden junk world. Plus I have an elderly mom who needs my help and I've had my own health issues.

But what happened? This used to be such a busy place.


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Marlene Kindred

Good to hear from you Kathy! I'm still around and try to check everyone's posts. I'm not sure what's happened to all of our "old" regulars. Some of them are very active on the Flea Market Gardening site and others have just gotten overwhelmed with life I think. I know what you mean about missing everyone though...it's been a bit slow, but hopefully it will pick up again soon...at least by spring time.

And for heaven sake....whoever complained about your posting...forget about it....I for one love to see your posts!

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chelcass(Z5 Michigan, U.P.)

I know a lot of people hang out on Facebook. I too miss all the *old* gang. Life does have a tendency to get in the way and then there are new website that catch peoples attention and they abandon the older sites. I have had this happen to 3 other groups I belong to and I miss them.


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Kathy, I too felt I shouldn't post about selling plate flowers and totems. Someone didn't appreciate our sharing thoughts and experiences. Keep posting please!

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Everyone knows that I am a fanatic about keeping the
'conversation' side separated from the 'discussions'
side, but I think it is great to have sales of, and booth pictures of garden junk.
That helps all of us with design and seeing more of what you have made--makes sense to me.
We need to have that information.

I have not been posting anything since the middle of September,
when I left to go to Indiana to work the Covered Bridge festival. Just got back last night, Nov 17.
I sold my cabin and property there and had to stay LONGER
than usual to get the paperwork done. This was my 26th
year going there, so next year about the middle of September,
I will probably start having anxiety attacks
about not going-LOL
However, that will mean that I will have 2 extra months
to work on my weeds and garden junk!!!!

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crete ...I'm with Marlene...post away!!! You always share good ideas & great GJ! Am sorry for your health care costs...terrible!

I'm afraid I'm one who spends alot of time on Flea Market Gardening...I also do the posting there 2 days a week ...I joined Facebook for my family ...& have enjoyed it immensely since I can stay in contact to easily w/old & new, close-by & far away friends/family. I do check Garden Junk weekly (at the least) but it takes me double the time to post pics on the forum cause of the need to put them in Photobkt or another program first ... w/Facebk they can come right from my computer picture files.

But I do love Garden Junk & appreciate all the many ideas & people on the forum ...so I'm trying to post sometimes! I also post on the Holiday Forum which is part of the Garden Web (Garden Junk) Jeanne S.

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Look toward the top of the Garden Junk page at "What's New on the Garden Web". One of the topics explains that you CAN upload pictures from your computer. Don't know if that is new, but I didn't know you could do that until recently. Nice for those of us who don't have Photobook, etc.


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I tried that, Diane ... & my pics were too large or something...they don't load ...whereas when I load to Photobucket they are in a smaller format...I'll try again now...but a couple times before it didn't work. Thanks. Jeanne S.

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I miss a lot of you too. I'm taking care of mom so just get on a little. Is Kirk OK? I sent him a pic of truck made of junk from MN farmer, I asked if he could put it on but I suspect he is tied up with taking care of Carol's mom too. Lot of work adjusting to our relatives advancing age & having to clean out & maybe nursing homes or hospitals ahead. So hope they are well & just busy with holidays. That truck is really neat tho!! It's a 4 person vehicle & milk can is the gas tank. It runs & is licensed!! Oh, back seats are outhouse board but with luxury white padded toilet seats!! it's a hoot! Happy New Year everybody! Jan

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I too used to be a regular .....but life does get busy. I seem to forget about the conversation side.....i look frequently for all the great ideas that are shared...unfortunately i havent worked on anything recently to share. I always enjoy everything posted.

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kudzukween(8 MS)

i'm afraid i'm guilty of being lazy the past couple years, i do make things but not nearly as often. i'm always tired, i don't have a camera anymore, and several timesdidn't have internet, lol! and i'm on facebook, and pinterest-i love pinterest, so many ideas with step by step photo tutorials. most of those ideas go into "i'll make that-later!"

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nanagrandma(9 SouthWest, Calif)

Hi Everyone I am guilty for not posting on here; at the moment it will be "just lurking" but I love this site, maybe we should each just re-post a project we made before to get us in the mood. Or for me if you have a mirror project you finished I would love to see it on here so that I can get ideas. Nothing wrong with re-cycling our creations. So sorry to hear about your mom, Kathy. Lets keep in touch on the discussion page at least to know what is going on in our lifes. I miss you all. Nanagrandma Sylvia

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