Transplanting wilt free update

emgardenerSeptember 5, 2012

Here's an update on trials to transplant large squash and cucumbers on hot sunny afternoons without shade, without wilt and without shock.

Plus some ideas on how to improve this for next year.

Here is a link that might be useful: Transplant wilt & shock free

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You use to be able to make pots from newspaper formed by using any handy container that would be the size you desire for the finished pots. But the last time I tried this the paper once it dried it came apart again. Not sure what they put into the paper anymore as it use to be self glued process. The pot could be placed into the ground when the weather and the plant were ready. The only problem that would come from this was if the paper was above the ground it would wick out the water from the soil. They suggested that the planting area be watered heavily the day before and to let the "pot" go dry thus causing the plant to quickly reach for water thereby causing earlier root growth. Or there was the Styrofoams that you would punch a hole into the bottom for drainage and make 3 slits from the bottom up to a little over half way. Then cut 3 more slots from the bottom of the lip down a little over half way. When ready to plant you take the cup lip in one hand and with the other you can snap the lid like you would when you snap your fingers, thus breaking the lips and if the pot is dry it will set down into the moist hole with no problems. That is unless the soil is too soft and tends to fall apart. In that case it would be best to make your own paper pots.

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