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scsva(7/VA)June 21, 2011


I asked this over in the orchid forum but I guess no one feels like answering but I bet you know this:

As you know, I bought 2 phal "marked down" orchids over the weekend that are not blooming but I like their large leaves.

My question is: if they never bloom again, will it keep putting out new leaves if it lives? I really like the leaves and am not worried about blooms-aren't I the odd person? LOL!!!!


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Susan, yep, your Orchids will continue growing. There are mini Orchids, but since you say the leaves are big, they're most likely standard sizes..
One thing. Orchids aren't the fastest growers around. They probably grow faster in a perfect environment..

Susan, don't sound so negative.. :) lol, j/k. Your Phals will bloom. Some flower in winter, some in summer, etc.

Nope, you're not odd..There are Phals with beautiful, variegated foliage. I would like mine to flower, but if they don't, so be it.

I can't recall if you posted pics...Toni

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Thanks Toni..haven't gotten the hang of pics yet.

The same Lowe's had those mini orchids for $3.00 each but went for the larger ones once I saw them.

Thanks again!

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Susan, everyone talks highly of Lowes..The cloest is almost an hour away, and last time we stopped there, the plant section was a

You need to regester with Flickr or Photo Bucket. If I can figure it out, you certainly can, lol..Toni

Good luck

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Susan,

May pls. add that the 2 sites for Photohosting mentioned above are FREE. That's key (to me anyway). Open an account there & load your pix there. From there it's not hard to get here. We'll help you, really we will.

There's also a test forum here to try.

Did you give it any TIME for the Orchid Forum people to answer. I'm not saying you did this, but sometimes folks post here & get testy if folks don't answer in a day or 2. Sometimes it takes time & one needs to allow for that. Not a bad thing considering patience is a must in Gardening as well, especially in Hoyas & (from what I gather) Orchids too.

Tho' I haven't had much success in blooming them, I've grown some Orchids including Phals. Yes, they'll continue to make leaves, even if they don't flower.

Don't know if the Phals you have are in mix, or bark or long sphagnum, but if you don't already know this, pls. be careful not to get water in the crown (the central portion from which the leaves come out). That can lead to rot & kill the plant. Can you guess how I know this? Lost more than a few this way, now I don't buy the ones in sphag since they ALWAYS die for me. In other plantings less so.

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It's sphagnum moss so I'll just hope for the best. Thanks for the tips.


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