How to care for a Alocasia Black Magic

kalley77June 7, 2013

Is there anyone out there that has a Alocasia Black Magic
and how do you take care of it. I have purchase this plant about 5x and none have live. I brought a nice one today and would like it to live for awhile please help.

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My Colocasia Black Magics are grown outdoors for the summer. In the winter, they're put in the basement where the go semi-dormant. I grow one in the pond and another in a pot (re-potted in a good mix of bark, peat and perlite) which gets a lot of water and fertilizer.

Last year was the first time I was successful in overwintering. Instructions are about a third of the way down in this thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: Info here

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Thank you monet-g for the information. I wish I could post a picture of the plant.. The leaves are very dark green on top and purple on the bottom color and about 3 inches in sizes with light green stems. Believe it or not a new leaf is opening and one is dying.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

A free-draining, porous mix, plenty of water and fertilizer.


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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

Just a hair off, it's an alocasia, A. Infernalis
It prefers bright indirect light and less water than most elephant ears, it will die in a pond!
I'm guessing these came from EA, in pure peat, they hate this, no nutes in it whatsoever!
Wash that crap off, and put it in a better mix, as described above, but easy on the water til July August outside, if indoors always be careful with the water, fertilizer at half strength til July August as well, good luck, it's about the most finicky of elephant ears on the market

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Check out this forum for more info

P.S. Show pictures, we love pictures :>)

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Check out the that the plant you're talking about?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thanks to all for the info yes grab it is in the peat moss I will repot the black magic. Thanks asleep for the pic of amaz , I have a few of them also and had the same problem with them . Have repotted them and they are doing really well. I have one left and it is doing poorly now I know why. Thanks again
P.S. as soon as I learn how to post pic to the internet I will.
I love all of the pic posted

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To post a photo, have it on your computer first.

At the bottom of the thread there is a "Post a Follow-Up" section.

At the right of the first line below ("Image file to upload ") click on the "Browse" button at the right.

Then follow through to where the photo file is located on your computer.

Click on the name of the photo file you want.

Then add any message you want and click the "Preview Message" lower down.

The message and the photo should load onto your screen.

If it all looks okay then click on the "Submit Message" button.

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