ZZ Plant is not upright

bedelia(6 Rochester NY)June 17, 2014

I've had this plant for 3-4 yrs now, and it seems to being doing OK. I bought it thinking it would grow straight up, thus taking less rom. As you can see, mine flops out for lack of a better word. It's in a plastic pot that is placed inside the clay pot.

It's in a corner which gets southern light which is mostly blocked by the front porch. Would moving it to a sunnier location help? Should I tie it to stakes to make it upright?

Or is there another solution, or is something wrong with it?

Thanks for any advice.

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Mine does that too, but more so. You're right - it's due to low light.
ZZs don't seem to like a lot of direct sun, but an East facing window would probably make any new canes it puts out grow more upright.
I doubt that any of the current canes will ever change how they sit, but it would probably be alright to stake them up, if it really bothers you.

I personally like the arching look that ZZs grown in low light develop. I think it's sort of relaxing.

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bedelia(6 Rochester NY)

Thanks for your advice. I'll try moving it into more light and see if it makes a difference.

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