Aglaia odorata 'Chinese Perfume Plant'

krikitJune 13, 2011

Is anyone here familiar with this plant? I found it on the Logee's website and it is called an "easy grower". I need something for my living room and would like something with some height, but it has to be easy to grow. I have a nice large window with a northeast exposure. Everything I've read about this plant says it's a slow grower and I'm fine with that, just don't want something that will struggle with the low humidity indoors and need a lot of extra care.

Thanks for any info,


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Frances, (Easy Grower!) don't believe everything you
I too thought about buying an Aglaia..I found one at Gardinos Nursery, in a 6" pot for 15.00.
Logees wants 14.95 for a 2.5". If I decide to buy one it'll come from Gardinos. They have terrific plants.

How 'easy' a plant are you looking for? Do you have other plants? If so, what type?
There's numerous plants that are easy to care for. Dracaenas for one.
I imagine Aglaia care is similar to Citrus or Murraya.' If you can keep either you should be able to grow Aglaia. Of course, this is only my opinion, and what I read during a Google search. Hopefully others will chime in..Toni

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

I love aglaia! The fragrance was very nice. But I did I lose it twice underwatering so don't let it dried out too much..

How much sun does your window get? It's an easy plant and slow growing. The fragrance is nicer than murraya imo and definitely worth growing :).

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Thanks Kemistry - I would say this window gets about 3 hours of direct sunlight in the morning and then a couple of hours of indirect evening sun from an adjacent window about 4' away - do you think that would be enough?


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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

Yup that will work. A note about aglaia is, if you sniff the flowers you won't detect any scent, but you'll smell the nice fragrance standing near it, or being in the same room.

Take pictures when yours get home! : )

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I can't seem to find one locally - so guess I'll have to wait for cooler weather this fall and order one. Will definitely post a pic then!

Thanks for all the info,

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