Infestation,garlic and flies.

nanowattJune 14, 2014

So i got a hibiscus and for some reasons it started to develop aphids.I read that they don't like the smell of garlic so that's why i am asking if is bad to put garlic near flower(it's ok right?it won't affect the plant?).i also spray the plant each day with cold water or even use the shower on it(gently ofc) or even use a soap and water mixture.I must keep the infection under control until i get something like mospan to kill them.No other plants are infected but since here is summer and is very hot i also have some small flies of which number started to decrease because now i only water the plants at the roots and not directly in the pot because they make larva in moistured soil.Any advices?How to combat them for a while?

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nanowatt, I take it that you are talking about Hibscus rosa-sinensis, a flowering shrub.
Even if there are unopened buds that are infested with aphids, trim them off, bag the clippings and dispose of them.
You can be sure that there will be some aphids still remaining. Those flies might be hover flies which will eat up aphids.
You might try using a misting bottle to direct a strong spray of water on the tips of the plant to knock off any aphids present.
Place the palm of your free hand behind the target area to make quite sure that the spray does not knock it of the way.

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

One simple, helpful strategy is to place the plant outdoors for the summer. Air movement and occasional rain will help deter the aphids. There will also be more aphid predators outdoors.

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Or you could try neem oil. I've heard it's great for deterring aphids.

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Hibiscus is pretty sturdy. Knock the aphids off with a nice stream of water from the hose.

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