Golden Philodendron selloum?

greybird_kekeJune 16, 2013

Just happened to run across this plant while out shopping with a friend Saturday. Of course, it had to come home with me....anyone else out there with one of these with pics to share? I used to have a green one that grew so big, I finally had to get rid of it, but the lady who sold this one to me said it is a very slow grower.....

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If I cannot find a piece of that plant from somewhere I do believe I will waste away from want(perish the thought).


How much?

Omg Please tell me there might be one available at the grocer's!

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Asleep, I got it at a little plant shop downtown....the lady has a plant care business and sells a few plants as well....mostly only two or three of a kind on hand....and this was the only one of its kind. She sold it to me for just $5, one reason why I couldn't pass it up!

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No kidding!

At that price even I(frugal to a fault)would likely break down and spend the money.

Beautiful specimen ...I could stare at it all day! LOL

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

Yea that's a knock out!
I'd have bought it for $25...

Did it come with a name?

Great find!

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Greybird..What a fantastic find! The price is unbelievable.

Are you sure it's Selloum? Foliage looks unlike selloums.
There's one Philo called P. selloum, Lacy Leaf, but never saw a gold version. Whichever, your Philo is amazing.

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Toni, no I'm NOT sure it's a selloum....that's what the lady who sold it to me called it, but it doesn't look like the green selloum I had, and the stems don't look the same either. I was hoping someone might recognize it!

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Grey, I didn't think to look at stems. I gave my selloum away years ago, but stems grew from the base, and trunk differed from yours.'s beautiful. Toni

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I just noticed my picture didn't make it to the post....Here are what the stems look like.

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Greybird.. My selloum and those I've seen had different trunks than your plant.

But, I researched, and found a P. selloum w/a thick trunk.
Check Wiki. Type in Philodendron bipinnatifidum.
According to Wiki...P. bipinnatifidum (comman name: Lacy Tree Philodendron, selloum.)

Check the picture, and if you have time, read the article. It's quite facinating.
Explains history of P. selloum, etc. Toni

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This has been bugging me for a bit now...

I know that in laboratory settings different varieties of philodendrons can be hand pollinated to create hybrids.

Now this is just a hunch but I can't help wondering if the plant pictured above has a non selloum parent that in addition to giving it it's beautiful coloration,might also have altered the appearance of the stem because as noted above that stem doesn't look entirely consistent with what we've seen in a typical selloum.

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

That looks beautiful. It is too big growing for my collection. I have one in the same family called XANADU GOLDEN FORM. I also have the green form. They don't grow much more than 12 inches or so. My yellow one does not want to set offsets to give out. I owe Mikemyers the first one I get but I have some of the Green one.

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Possibly with so little green in them photosynthesis is restricted and the plants become a bit dwarfed.

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Havent posted in a while but I just started getting into Philos and aroid this winter. Im thinking you actually have Philodendron warscewiczii var. flavum. Whew! Still cant spell that one from memory! grows just as P. bippinatifidum, except the leaves get much more serrated and fern like. It is a massive philo when well grown as is P. bippinatifidum.

I acquired one from ebay early spring. Its the normal P. warscewiczii. Im waiting for it to really take off.....why I dont know because its going to be a houseplant.

Oh, I forgot to add that if it is P. war. var, flavum, it is quite rare and you definitely found a diamond in the rough! I believe this one really can take some abuse. I think it can become deciduous in its native habitat in order to get through the dry period. Don't quote me tho!

Philodendron are sooo fascinating!


Here is a link that might be useful: Philo warscewiczii var. flavum

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Thanks for the help everyone, and Kyle, I think you found it! It looks very much like the P. warscewiczii var. flavum.....whew! wonder how that's pronounced??

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Pronounced var-she-vich-i according to the national aroid society. :)

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Ha I never would've guessed that's how that's pronounced. I was thinking more like var-ska-visk-ee-eye. Sheesh! I guess theres a reason im no botanist! Anyway enjoy your plant. Google has some good images of the plain green. It's really goIng to make a dramatic statement when it becomes bigger. Check out exoticrainforest site for more info as well.


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Sheesh, I'd have pronounced it, war scew WIC see. lol.
Unfortunately, most plants are not pronouced as spelled.

Stush, my old, green selloum grew about 18" but width was the issue...took a LOT of space.
Golden is so very pretty.

Kyle. I'm NOT lecturing you.... :)

Unless your plants can stay outdoors year round, 'according to your zone, it isn't possible,' before adding new plants be 'certain,' you want 'x' your case, Philodendrons/Aroids.

I love my plants, SOOO much, but I now have too many, and can no longer provide the care they need.
Remember this isn't a lecture; just a warning.

It's so easy to get hold of a plant, but they eventually add up. To the point, a household is loaded. lol.
Believe me, I know.


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