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alavoneluvhoyaJune 2, 2012

First of all I am a plant junkie. I cant kill a thing except for lipstick plants. I am on my 4th one all different kinds hoping I will find one that likes me. What happends is the tips of the stems start to turn brown and crispy and then its down hill from there. I know they like is what I am doing for care: West window about 3 feet away from actual window watering once a week to maintain medium moisture but not soggy and misting every other day around the plant not directly on the plant..... any one has good luck with these plants?

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stonesriver(6B Tennessee)

Hi, Hoya Luver:

Lipstick plants are Gesneriads so if you post this on that forum you might get more help.

I'll see you there...I hope. :-)


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I grow 5 different varieties and haven't had a fatality. Can you tell us about the potting mix? I use a generic african violet/gesneriad mix consisting of a 1:1:1 ratio of peat moss, perlite, and vermiculite. When tips die off like that it's a water issue. You might not be keeping the mix moist enough as they like it damp all the time, or you might be over watering a bit, plants get root rot, and then can no longer take up sufficient water. They like a very light mix for good aeration around the roots.


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stonesriver(6B Tennessee)

I wick water mine which keeps them evenly moist but not wet; flushing them every six weeks or so. Grow in coarse perlite and Metro Mix 366 2:1. Basically same as Mark's with a little more perlite.


PS: Mark, would you email me privately? Thanks.

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I grow them in 1/3 potting soil 3 month feed, 1/3 vermicuilite, and the rest perlite. I was thinking the soil would keep it moist enough to balance the perlite and vermiculite. I was thinking i did have a water issue but the medium is moist to the touch and I give a good soaking once a month I would say. should I re pot with less soil and increase perlite?

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The once a month soaking probably isn't necessary, but it probably isn't doing any harm. They do like to be root bound, like many other gesneriads. The extra potting mix keeps too much water around the roots. I occasionally allow mine to dry out a bit. If your plant isn't root bound put it in a smaller pot. Inspect the roots first and remove any that show signs of rot. After that allow it to dry out some maybe once every week or two. That's what works for me.

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