plant name

meshoJune 18, 2012

please can you tell me what is the name of this plant

it seems that it is a type of croton but in real it is not

any idea ?

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It even looks like an impatiens too in a way.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Sorry doesn't look like either of those mentioned to me, tho' I have no alternate suggested IDs.

That mix looks like mud, I'd suggest a faster draining mix w/ 1/3 perlite or pumice.

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I have impatients that looks bit similar - photo attached;
it is impatiens niamniamensis (common name is the parrot beak plant).
It does not have veining that I think your plant has, but since Marguerite mentioned impatient, maybe this helps...Rina

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Looking at the photos, the leaves are more pointy & have wavy is a close-up; but there is many impatients, try to google them. Rina

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Iam try searching
there are lot of species of impatients
similar to it with it's leaves

others similar with it's stalk
the impatiens really helps

thanks ..

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Hmmmmmmm..... I'm thinking Sanchezia nobilis. Looks like mine. If this is what it is, keep it moist at ALL times. This is one that does not like drying out. It will drop leaves-- fortunately they seem to grow back. It's potentially a large shrub so keep it pruned. Sometimes flowers will appear that are yellow. It does benefit from descent humidity. Keep it in bright light so it doesnt grow spindly. Kind of a challenge for me to keep happy. Good luck with yours. Kyle

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Plants, coloring resembles Sanchezia, but leaves are too small. What do you think? Toni

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Toni- Thats exactly what mine looks like after I lost all it's leaves. The leaves came in small and not well defined. Unfortunately I threw mine out last week. It was ruff all winter after it dried out. Im hoping to find another tho; definately water it better this time round. I think the better the light, the bigger the leaves... and also better defined color. Just my thoughts tho;). Now I guess I better go find another and compare. you happen to know if there is a difference between Sanchezia nobilis and S. speciosa? Are they synonymous? Kyle

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Plants...I think small leaves, 'depending, how small,' is from lack of humidity and hot temps.

At the conservatory, Sanchezias are grown under Palm Trees...more shade than light..The room is pretty humid and temps are cool.
Their Sanchezias grow tall, huge leaves, and large yellow flowers.

I believe nobilis has larger leaves and flowers than speciosa.
There's also a variegated type, but I've never seen one for sale..So pretty.

Accents had Sancheias..Toni

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thank you so much

after long time of looking for the name
I find it

it is Iresine blazin lime
this plant prefers high humidity and affected by direct sunlight

thank you for your help :)

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