One year of growth

pumpkineater2June 21, 2013

Pothos has grown a nearly four foot long vine in one year.

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Oh yeah...

They DO like to scramble.

Makes me wonder how it would look if it had something to climb. When given a chance to climb the leaves get bigger and bigger til you would have difficulty believing it was even the same plant. In a hanging basket all draped over the side looks nice enough for those who don't mind the leaves staying at their juvenile stage,but for those who want to watch a plant go through the transformation to adulthood,I'm pretty sure you have to let them climb something. Now mine was all wound up around fishing line I had spiderwebbing just beneath my ceiling and it was allowed time enough to run around in there for about a year so I totally know where you're coming from. :)

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Those juvenile stems do grow quite fast. Always looking for somewhere to climb up. And once they're climbing they pretty soon develop into monsters. This is part of one of mine that fell out of the top of a tree. The chair, normal adult size, is there for perspective.

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Now THAT'S what I call perspective! LOL

So Tropic, your experience would you say that the juvenile form has to do all it's own climbing from the ground up in order to get them to take off? The vines I had in the fishing line are now wrapped around a chunk of tree branch I found but after winding them all up it,it seems like no aerial roots are reaching out to grab anything not that they would have room to go anywhere from there which is to say that as of now I'm going about this all wrong. I should make one of those hanging basket moss pole combination thingies and get some cuttings started at the base of the pole. Of course one of those vertical garden water wall type things would be wild.

Dream on sleepy guy! LOL

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