I got a Green House!

Lamora(4)June 4, 2012

Hi all! My DH got me a be-lated anniversary present yesterday, a small green house! 5-1/2 ft tall and 19" deep, 4 shelves. So far I love it. Light enough for me to move if I have to, even bring inside.

Where would be the best place for this? And can I keep my plants it it in 90F (in the shade now less!!) and it is so much hotter in the sun. (duh) I had my plants in it all morning until the sun hit it, then brought them inside.

Yes, I worry about the heat as much as the cold. Even if it isn't direct sunlight.

But anyway-- where should I put this? Any advice and input would be very much appreciated-- again. :)

Marjie-- still learning...

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Hey Marj, Congrats.

No, don't place plants inside when temps are 90F. The heat will burn your plants.

If temps are 90F degrees, and the sun is beating on your gh, temps can rise to 120F+.

Does your gh have vents? A small fan will be needed.

When we lived in Chicago, dh built a home-made gh adjacent two large windows....used indoors.
I hooked up a light and had a rotating fan running most of the day.
W/O the fan the air got stuffy..which causes all types of problems.

My birds loved it. We added a huge, untreated trunk/wood on top. The birds perched on the wood..they must have thought they were in the jungles..lol.

What type of plants are you planning on putting in your gh?
You can also sow seeds inside. Toni

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JessieC777(Washington State 5)

Congrats Marjie! You'll have to post pics of it :-) Lucky you for having nice temps...today it's raining and 55 degrees! Last I knew I lived in central Washington, not Seattle lol I just emailed you BTW :-)

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Great present Marjie! I am still waiting for a greenhouse. Better move it inside for awhile, the wind is trying to blow us to your side of the state tonight!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Put a thermometer inside your greenhouse to see how blistering it can get in the daylight, in the summer.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

That's awesome! I would LOVE to have a greenhouse, I think we all would. So happy for you! What a great "H" you have!

If I had one, I think I would use it for veggies in the summer, especially tomatoes, to keep them away from nibbling squirrels if it wouldn't get too hot in there. It's already been well above 90 here many days, and will be for at least the next 3 months.

You have the luxury of plenty of time to prepare for winter and learn as much as you can. Very cool!

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Hey all, pics coming,, battery needs recharging in my camera.

It is just a small one, maybe 3ft wide,19" deep and 5-1/2ft tall, very portable. Would love to get a big one, one day, but this will do for what I have now.

Mainly wanted it for the humitity for my plants, most of them like that and here, well, there isnt any. My DH likes it too, now he wants to get HIM one! lol

No vent, just 2 zippers down the front for an opened door type thing.

rhizo-- a Thermometer sounds like a good idea, thanks.

Tami, thanks for the WIND!! It's barely 60F today, as of over 90F yesterday-- and that was in the shade! what a drop!

And what do I want to grow in this little GH of mine? Anything I can-- ;)

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