saving a spider plant

drflemingJune 2, 2011


Someone in my family thought they were doing my vibrant, healthy spider plant a favor by giving it the leftover vegetable blanching water to drink. A good idea, except the blanching water had been salted! It immediately stunted the growth of the plant and for about 2 weeks now, it just looks like it is struggling to survive. I've tried flushing it with fresh water and trimming it, but nothing is working. Any suggestions for saving this plant? Thanks in advance!


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I would just repot it.Mine is in orchid mix(bark and perlite) for the past year and doing great.

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Dave, I second repotting.

Someone started a similar thread a few years ago..those who tried this experiment ended up with unhealthy plants.

I don't know what you mean by blanching water?

Was salt added in the veggie water?

I thought about trying this experiment, but without salt and of course, cooling water first.

In the meantime, I'd remove the entire spider from its pot.
If you have access to an outdoor garden hose, 'not cold/icy water,' wash soil off roots...toss soil.
Since you've been leaching soil and it's not helping, this should be a last resort.

While you're at it, hose pot, too.

Repot in fresh soil, or whatever mediums you use.

Keep water in a container overnight before watering your spider. They don't like water directly from tap.
Water should sit at least 12 hours prior to watering.

One last thing. Have you ever heard of a product called SuperThrive? It's got 50 vitamins and hormones. I have complete faith in this product, been using for years. Superthrive helps stressed, 'among other issues,' plants.

It's sold locally in some states, but easily found online..and less expensive, too. Good luck, Toni

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I see SuperThrive in Wal-Mart these days on the shelf with plant food etc.


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birdsnblooms you know the size and price? The few times it was sold here, a 2oz bottle was 14.00, and 4oz around 21.00 or's been a while since I've seen it locally, so the amounts aren't 100% accurate, but close.

I buy ST on Ebay..1 pint for 19.99 plus shipping. Since I apply a couple drops per gallon of water, 'about once a month,' it lasts a year or two.
Of course, I still follow their old directions..4 drops per gallon of water, 10 drops for stressed plants. I believe new dose is 1 teas per gallon of water. Everyone is out to make $$$. lol. Toni

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Thanks All for the followups...Yes, I will try essentially rinsing the rootball off tomorrow and cleansing the plant as best I can. Rinsing out the pot, too--good suggestion.

Toni, yes the water was just used to blanch some stinging nettles before making pesto from them. It was actually about a week into the "sickness" before we connected the dots that the water had been salted to take some of the edge off the nettles.

I hope it's not too late--I'll post an update in a week or two. Thanks again!


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