Peace Lily

jackskiJune 11, 2005

My Peace Lily is dying a slow death. First the tips of leaves are turning brown and then the entire plant. I have already lost three. Is it overwatering? Thanks

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Well how much are you watering ... more important, how often? But brown tips sometimes mean humidity is too low, plus P. lily prefers shady spots, not right in front of a window, and usually doesn't have problems with too much watering... more likely not enough, within reason.

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If you are going to try another one, you may want to consider hydroculture.
I have one that is very happy in the clay pebbles.

As for the soilbound one, are you alowing it to dry up between waterings?
Another idea is that the plant may not like the quality of water you are giving it.
If that is not enough to confuse you, how about geting too much sun? Peace lillys don't require full sun.

Sory I don't have an answer for you

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I also have a Peace Lily in hydroculture and it's never been easier to take care of. The problem with Peace Lilies is that they want their soil evenly moist and that's quite a juggling act. If they dry out, they complain; if they're overwatered, they complain. But in hydroculture, there is always that perfect balance and you never have to worry about it again. I've also found that for the first time, my Peace Lily is making flowers, non-stop. If you have trouble with the balancing act of the Peace Lily, I would really encourage you to try it in hydroculture. It's a fail-proof method and the Peace Lily is the perfect candidate for it.

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Thank you for the great suggestions but what is hydroculture.

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Naturelover is much more knowledgable than I am on this subject, but here goes.

Basicaly you remove all of the soil from the plant. You could rinse off the dirt on the roots by runing it under the sink in warm water and soak it for a while if needed. (sory bout the run on)
After you get rid of all the soil, you place the plant in some hydroton expanded clay pebbles (found at most hydroponics stores) the same way you would in soil.
1 Put some at the bottom of your glass container
2 plop the plant in there
3 suport the plant with more pebbles (to the same level as you would with soil)
4. fill container with water to a litle bit below the roots

It's much easier than it sounds

The roots get water through capalary action and get their nutrients through the water (add a very diluted fertilizer to H2o).
Oh, and don't forget to change the water about once a week or so.
I was doughtfull about this method too, but now enjoy its lack of guess work.

Hopefully this helps :)

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Go to the link below. Click on the "further information" link. It should help you with your question.

Here is a link that might be useful: PurLec Hydroculture

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

In my experience with folks with peace lily problems is that it is always a watering problem. These plants are very prone to crown and root rot. If they are allowed to sit in a plant saucer that holds water for very long, they end up in trouble. If they are in a lined basket that doesn't drain.....trouble. When the roots start to die, the plant wilts, which triggers the plant owner to water more and more.

These plants need to be kept slightly root bound in a porous medium, in a container that drains perfectly. The plant should be allowed to dry out somewhat between waterings and then soaked thoroughly. The ones that I have grown have appreciated plenty of good sunlight including full light through the window and have thrived on very little fertilization. Mine bloom about 6 months out of the year, by the way, which seems fine to me. I root prune any that I do not want to move up to a larger container when they are seriously root bound and that procedure obviously suits them very well!

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ktd125(z6 WPA)

Hello all...newbie here! I'm having some troubles with my peace lilies, too. I have one in hydroculture that seems to be doing well, however it seems to be staying very small. It had one flower about 6 months ago and not another since. the other two are in pots in the living room...the larger one tends to grow a bunch of new leaves and the rest seem to curl up and turn brown. the littlest one is brand new and it seems to run in 2 week spurts--it is all green, then brown, then shoots off all new green leaves. I have stopped watering for the time-being to see if i'm overwatering, as well. Any other clues?!

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Meg_513(z5 WI)

I just recieved my first plant for my birthday a few months ago. It is a peace lilly and seemed to be doing beautifully until just last week. It began to droop severly within just a day or two and now seems very close to death. I have kept it in my room in mostly shade ever since i recieved it and was very cautious about not over-watering it. I just was wondering why it suddenly keeled over on me and if there is still any way to save it, or part of it...i love this plant!

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GrowHappy(z7 MD)

Hi Meg-

Reread Rhizo's post in this thread on root rot and see if that might apply to your situation. It sounds like maybe you've overwatered and the roots are rotting. Take the plant out of it's pot and carefully examine the roots. Are they nice, firm and light in color? Or are they mushy and brown?


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Tracey_Ann(8 AL)

I have a Peace Lily that my husband bought for me a couple years ago. Now it is huge. It has been very easy to care for. It was at my office for the first 6-8 months and when I was gone on vacation I had someone to water it for me. Somehow it did not get watered and when I returned the whole plant was totally wilted. Looked DEAD. I watered it and within hours it was perked up and beautiful again. I brought it home and that has not happened again. I recently seperated it and have a new plant. The new one was struggling but now seems to be established. I think I was overwatering it. Thanks for all the info in this thread. I have only had the original peace lily for this long. I have just recently got into houseplants and I really love them.

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I'll just pop in and say that peace lilies grow really well in an office under fluorescents.


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I have had one for 17 years now and found the best way to keep them is root-bound. Keep in a small pot that it fits in comfortably with like an inch to spare between the roots/root-ball and the inside of the pot using good draining soil.
Water well (until it comes out drainage hole) when the top inch feel close to dry, then empty out extra any water in the saucer.
Brown tips or leaves can be caused for a few reasons, could be because you have hard-water, soils stays too wet, too dry, low humidity, over-feeding, or wrong light.

Billy Rae

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hi! its my first time to own a peace lily and placed it in a shady part of the house with indirect sunlight streaming from our window... i just bought it 2 weeks ago (Thursday)....come Sunday of last week, I watered it then i noticed that the saucer became soaked so I threw the water out...scared of over watering it ...I didnt water it again for almost a week... then i noticed today (which is saturday--a week after not watering it) the leaves began to droop-- is it because its underwatered? the leaves are still green in brown tips at all. How many times should I be watering such? and How many liters of water should i be giving it? when will i know that enough is enough? I am such a newbie in house plants and I had been traumatized actually in having houseplants since if not drooping leaves, its yellowing leaves ... please help me with my peace lily and how to care for it? thanks so much! btw I am from australia and its Spring here now although its 16 degrees celsius at night and around 22 degrees during this an okay temperature for a peace lily?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

The secret to proper watering is a soil that drains rapidly. There is no proper amount to water at any given time other than 'a lot'! The whole idea is to drench the heck out of your plant when it IS time to water, and then allow the soil to dry out appropriately until the next time. You don't want to leave any dry air pockets.

If you have any further questions, you might want to post your own brand new topic in a new thread, rather than hitchhiking on a very old one. You'll get more help, I think. ;-)

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Krestine -

In my experience, you are doing just fine! I used to have a peace lily at work, and I would wait until I saw the plant drooping before watering - it always perked back up within hours. That's what I love about peace lilies - you don't have to wonder when to water them, they tell you!

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Hi, I read all the posting regarding Peace Lilies some of the tips are helpful. However, let me explain my situtation with my Peace Lilies. Ok I have 3 indoor Peace Lilies one is smaller it is generally healthy I am having alittle problem with brown tips other then that the plant is all green? Also this same plant has not produced a flower in awhile? The other 2 Peace Lilies have some serious problems they were given to me from a friend who had them breifly for decorating at a wedding they are good size plant. I transplanted them because they were in shallow depth pot. I put them in a much bigger pot. I am not sure if the pot I put them is too big? They in a foyer part of the house them temp is about 65-70 one is near heating vent the other near the front door both are getting minium lighting from the small long windows on the side of door the window is covered with a sheer curtain u can see through it. The leaves are turning yellow brown but never drooping. I keep cutting these yellow brown leaves off. I have not seen any flowers on them at all had them about 3 months. When I tranplanted them they were all clustered together I did not seperate or look at the roots. I water them when the soil feels dry. the pot does have drainage holes on the bottom with a tray to catch the excess water. I am not sure what type these are? I could take a picture if needed to determine the type or if you need to see the condition of the plant or location lighting so on. I see Peace Lilies at every mall and hospitals they look great. How do I get mine to look good. Please help. Thank you a concerned Peace Lily owner.

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I also have a very large Peace Lily. When I first got the Lily it almost died. I had it in a room that received very little light. The last year I have had the plant on a sun porch and it thrives. I think the plants must go through a flowering period. Mine had numerous blooms and has not had any for about 5 months now. I do have the problem with tips turning. I attribute this to watering--meaning the water. I use tap water, and have been told that I shouldn't do that. I just refuse to purchase bottled water for plants. I groom the leaves about once a month. The various colors of leaves ranging from dark green (older leaves) to light green (newer leaves) are beautiful. I would say experiment with the location that you have the plants in. You may want to purchase a grow light bulb if you have a lamp in the area. I have used those for plants that are in dark areas.

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maidinmontana(Zone 5 Billings MT)

I have a very large peace lily, still in the 1 gallon pot it came to me in a year ago (from dear grammas funneral) Once a week or so, I take mine to the bath tub, use my 3 gallon bucket, dump the water on the plant until it starts to run over, then wait for it to drain then add more and I repeat this using 3 buckets I then leave it in the tub all day to frain well. I never water it where it sets because I know they need good drainage and a good soaking.

I learned in this forum to make them flower, fertilize them once every two weeks, I did and I had 11 flowers on it at one time.

This is my second peace lily, 1st one I was mislead, thinking it was my reminder plant, drooping reminded me to water it and all of my plants, WRONG. Eventually it never recovered from drooping and died. But I had it in a pot that didn't drain, this was before I knew better.

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Mine's been alive and well in a glass vase, bare-rooted in water, for over two years. I don't keep it in direct sun at all, and it's very happy that way. I do cut all the roots back by about 1/3 every 3-4 months, maybe thin out bits that have become mushy as well.

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I have such bad luck with houseplants, usually. I love to look at them and their beauty, but can't seem to find the time to devote to proper care. When a houseplant dies, I'll go with my husband to buy another one, at which time he will ask if I truly want to buy another "victim."
However, I have had a peace lily that my son gave me for mother's day over 18 years ago!!! It's unbelievable. I'll forget to water, usually. It'll droop, but then pop back up when I do water it. Over the years, it has bloomed mostly at Easter and Christmas. Strange, but true. It's the only plant that I've kept for more than 2 years. It's wonderfully forgiving.

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Sari, do you have a good amount of sun in your house? If so, why not try cactus and succuelents? If you forget to water, no fact, you don't want to overwater. There are some beauty's in these families.
Since you let your PL droop, sounds like you either forget or just don't water much, which is where C&S's come in handy..Toni

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I started out with ONE Peace Lilly from when my dad passed away... I now have 5 plants in different pots! I have read someplace that says never let the leaves get wet. Then one day I was reading something about spaying the leaves to wash the dust off. Not sure if that is right. I have been moving the leaves out of the way whenever I water them.

I like to know if you can repot these if they are "blooming"?
I was thinking also about putting some of those little rocks on top of the soil. Is this ok or would it cause them to hold to much water?
Thanks for any help!

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Why on earth would anyone write the leaves of peace lilys shouldn't be sprayed? That's nonsense. I spray PL's daily, except when in flower..and even then, sometimes I spray nearest the bottom of the plant, on leaves, away from blooms. I agree flowers shouldn't be misted..water will make them fade away faster..
The only plants I try not to get wet are fuzzy leaves like African Violets..and even then, I sometimes take each AV to sink, set in several inches of water. Water often splashes on leaves, but as long as the water isn't cold then set in sunny area, there isn't any problems.

If soil is dry and rootball can be lifted out of pot, slipped in larger pot and filled w/new soil, it should be fine..but if soil's wet, and you have a difficult time removing plant from pot, this might affect blooms..It really depends on the plant.
I wouldn't place rocks on soil..this is just my opinion..I would imagine soil would retain water, then you'd have all sorts of problems. I want to strangle ppl who glue rocks to plants..LOL..What an idiotic idea!! Toni

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I recently fertilized my peace lily and now it appears to be DEAD. It is beyond drooping! Water runs straight through and doesn't reabsorb into the soil now. I may have burned the roots with the fertilizer not being dilute enough. Is there any way for me to salvage this plant? Should I cut the leaves and stalks off and pray that some of the roots survived? It has sentimental value to me... Kim

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Kim, I'd cut all the foliage back to the base..Then flush the soil..Do NOT fertilize anymore..if you think you burned roots w/chemical fertilizers it's best flushing. Take to sink or outside, using a hose, run water through soil until it seeps out of drainage holes..Then, place plant either outside (in shade) or indoors, in medium direct sun.
What type of fertilzer did you use? How much? Did you follow container directions?
Every plant book I have says PL's do not need much fertilizer..Some say only do so 3 times a yr..How often did you fertilize? Good luck Toni

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I used Miracle Gro and followed the directions the back and this is the first time I have fertilized the plant. It had been a full, beautiful plant before I attempted to kill it (accidentally). I will try what you said and wait it out. Hopefully, some life is left in the plant. Thank you. Kim

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I must be the luckiest gardener around because I have Peace Lilies that are thriving outdoors as well as in. I live in Florida and it is humid, but I have not had any problems with them living outdoors. I keep them watered, don't use any fertilizer and have just taken a slew of them out of a pot and put them in the ground as a border for my driveway. Now I am wondering after reading all these posts if they are destined to die. I also have them in the house and they don't do as well as the ones outside. Must be just lucky.

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Mo, I don't think there's a plant on earth that do better than one grown in the ground, outside..even lower/medium light plants like Peace Lily's..all that humidity and fresh air..Because it's getting ground nutrients, feeding is unimportant. There may be a day when soil stales and fertilizing will need to be done. Good luck, Toni

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I need some help i have been reading a couple of these subjects on this forum site and i may have done a couple of bad things to my peace lily and i would appreciate all the help i can get...... My lily has either root rot or i over fertilized in either or case i need help on what to do with what is left of the plant it is still green but all of the leaves or i guees its called foilage are drooping at the point where they are hitting the bottom of the pot and the pot is just keeping the leaves from falling any more...... some of the foilage is still standing tall but the leaf itself is drooped the one flower it has is pretty much brown but the stem is green.... what do i do i need as much help as i can to get the plant saved..... also i changed pots to a bigger pot recently and the lily is about 3 feet tall is the pot too big. The pot is 2 ft deep and 2 feet in diameter. I did run sink water threw the soil until it was full so i could wash out the fertilizer but now i think it is an over water problem..... please help whoever can

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I just recently was given the peace lily that was at my father's funeral. I've had it for a few months now and it was doing great! It bloomed over & over! I water it about once a week. And it seemed to be doing good like that. I haven't moved it, and nothing has changed. But recently it was drooping and I watered it and normally it will perk back up. But it just seems to be getting worse & worse. I drained the extra water that was in the saucer out. And still nothing, it's just drooping and turning yellow now. So can anyone help me?? I don't want it to die. Any suggestions would be great! Thank you so much!

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My peace lily always has tiny monsqitoes around it and the leaves even the baby leaves have brown on them, what can i do?
thanks to whoever that can help me!

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i bought a peace lily in december, it was 3 ft tall.i repotted it in a 13in diameter pot, i didn't have enough of soil so i mixed in dry bark and leaves.then, in april i divided the 2 stalks and loosened the roots,i few fine roots broke off, i mixed in some peat and organic soil(miracle gro)was that right for this plant?i also mixed in some liquid worm poop (a cup) ever since that day the leaves have been drooping and turning yellow ,the new shoots are drooping too, i water once a week...the roots seemed fine (white not brown or mushy).....i dont know what to do ?

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i got a baby peace lily from a freind. it didn't like the first place it was in - a very shady corner. also realized it was in far too large a pot.

repotted in well drained potting mix in a smaller terra cotta pot. it really wants to live and keeps sending up new growth... which, within several days, turns black, wilts and dies. while more new leaves are coming up all around, only to do the same thing.

i water it when the top inch or so of soil is dry and i give it a good soaking w/ water that's been 'airing out' (my jug of houselplant water).

it is in an east-facing area of the house and gets filtered morning light. i really want to help this plant live, but i can't seem to find the right location for it. unfortuneatly, i don't have a single north or south facing window.

any help is appreciated.

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Hi everyone, I need help! I just received a peace lily and no clue how to take care of this thing!!! Its so pretty and I want to see it live a long healthy life!

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They are quite easy to grow. In a well lit, warm or dry environment... they can consume lots of water. Check for water 2 - 3 times per week until you are accustomed to your plants requirements. If your plant becomes severely wilted... place it in a bath tub or large sink and run plenty of water thru the soil to re-moisten the root ball. Repeated wilting will cause leaf spotting and brown leaf edges.

I also use the watering globe, I check to see if it's empty & refill as needed.

I'm getting ready to try & plant one outside in the shade of my trees. I live in the panhandle of FL. so it will be interesting to see how it does.

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I bought a Peace Lily, at first I had it out side, Then I moved it in doors. My air conditioner is always on, but I have it when it could reach sun light. In all case, my the flower of the plandt is green. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. It is mature it is not a new bud. Please, help. Thank YOu

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If your worried about the flower being green, don't. It's normal.
I've seen green flowers grow from older, mature Peace Lily's.

I think green is attractive. White is pretty, but common. Toni

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I recently just moved and placed my peace lily up high to where I thought my cat could not get to it. Well, my cat got to it, and chewed off the majority of the leaves at the base of the stem. Will more leaves eventually grow back? SHould I trim the stems at their base? Or is there no hope? Thanks for your help!

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Newbie, new leaves will grow, but not from the stems old leaves once were. You might as well cut those stems to the base of soil.

After cutting, if you don't like its appearance, 'mojority of leaves gone,' cutting the entire plant back to the soil line would be best, and balance out in the end. Toni

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Toni, Thank you so much for the advice. I was worried I had no hope. I cut the damaged parts back and will be eager to watch for new growth. Jamie

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Ive found small pea or smaller gravel to be Very useful under 1 circumstance... A Major Issue with those little nat like flies. Ive not found I could get a handle on those little buggers any other way but to Block them from being able to lay in the soil. I eventually removed them in my plants once they vanish for a month or 2.

Ive found you need to move them to test the soil for dampness. you have to be really careful and observant for mold. and it can be better to water from below the plant if you resort to this method. Its cheaper and faster and Safe in child or pet environments. And Ive found some plants can die or have a heck of a time bouncing back from some of those pesticide methods.

Most of my plants flourish. they are All temperamental in how and when they are watered. I tend to pay Very close attention to mine.

The Lillys having issues that this thread will help with. And I can have a heck of a time with Spider Plants and root rot.

I have found that its a MUST for plants that need Fast Draining to have LOTS of Vermiculite mixed into the soil.

otherwise 'good draining soil' doesn't seem to actually exist.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Good drainage is a direct function of the size of the particles that make up your soil. The larger the particles, the better the drainage and aeration. Building your soils based on a very large fraction of large particles, and excluding any significant volumes of peat, compost, sand, coir, topsoil will yield a soil that drains well & holds healthy amounts of air & water. Soils made of fine particles, like the list above, retain water excessively when saturated, drain poorly, and can't hold enough air for the air:water ratio for plants to grow to their potential.

Watering from the bottom probably isn't the best idea from the perspective of plant health. It ensures that most (or all) accumulating soluble salts remain in the soil. Additionally, if the soil is physically able to wick water upward high enough to moisten the entire soil mass, by its very nature it's too water retentive for plants to grow to their potential - otherwise it would't have such a strong wicking tendency.

If your spider plants have rot issues, you might take a look at the soil and consider potting the next batch in a bark or inorganic-based soil, rather than one based on peat. It will drain much better & allow you to water from the top. Both PLs and SPs are very intolerant of not just high fertility levels, but a high level of anything soluble in the soils. Fast draining soils you can water from the top and thus flush accumulating salts from the soil before they build to damaging levels will go a long, long way toward allowing you/us to keep these plants looking good.


What I grow houseplants in:

Here is a link that might be useful: More info about soils & how they impact growth/vitality here

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My plant leaves is drying, apparently I've been soaking the
Soil in water. What would be the remedy for the
The plant to bring it back to nourishment?

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I bought a beautiful peace lily about 5 months ago I repotted it in a larger pot and that's when it went down hill leaves turning yellow tips I took the plant out of the pot to check the roots for root rot, they were good no rot visible I then replanted with miracle grow moisture control soil in the same larger pot, It has holes and drains. It still has leaves turning yellow and brown tips I cut off the dead leaves as closes to the bottom as possible looks as if its not thriving at all . I do not know what else to do. I water it about once every 1 to 2 weeks depending if the soil is dry. Its currently in my living room which gets some indirect sunlight I have a pic uploaded...someone please help I am ready to give up on it

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Sandra, your pot is way too big! Probably three times bigger than needed for your plant.

My peace lilies like to be almost pot bound.

The yellowing of the leaves could be the result of too much moisture, since your pot is much bigger than needed.

I would re-pot, cut the yellow leaves off, and see what happens.

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Omar, why are you soaking your peace lily in water? You need to water it thoroughly and deeply when the soil starts to dry out, but you shouldn't let it sit in water, certainly not soak it!

Your lily, overall, doesn't look super bad - the leaves are pretty perky.

The brown tips look almost like they got burned. Is your lily getting any direct sunlight? They really can't handle any direct sun. They are shade plants.

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Hi, can somebody tell me what is going on with my peace lily? I bought it a week ago. I'm attaching a pic. Please help!

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That looks like either cold damage or sunburn.


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Belhem, the whole looks like the sum of three separate stalks.
There appear to be three tiers of leaves. In the topmost tier, all appears to be well; except for that one on the left which is partly hidden.
The second tier has two browning leaves (from separate stalks?) Are there others in this tier on the other side of the container? If yes, I would opine that there was some adverse environmental condition in the past. I would remove the unsightly leaves in this tier.
Below this tier, a ring of leaves looks unsightly; and then below those, young healthy looking leaves: but I cannot see them all.
I recommend that you remove all the bad leaves, and water only when the leaves start to droop.
Rotate the container a quarter turn every week.
It will most likely recover.
Let us know.

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Thanks for your help guys! Unfortunately the leaves are getting worst :( they are all getting dark brown at the edges and dying little by little, So Iôm going to have to cut most of them? Some flowers are getting brown and dying too. The day we bought the plant was a very cold day, I donôt know if that has anything to do with it. I hope my poor plant survives.

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My peace Lily seems healthy but my flowers are coming out green instead of white does anyone know why this is happening.

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MsGreenFinger GW(8 Ireland)

Too much sun. Move your plant to a shadier spot.

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I have had the same Peace Lily for over 15 years and this year is the first time I ever saw a red bud on it. Can anyone tell me what it is?

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What you have is an aglaonema commutatum. The red bud is a berry...pretty ripe too. About a millimeter under the skin and pulp will be a stone-like seed. The public library used to have a few of these plants and they'd put out berries like that(in my experience it is kinda rare to get them). Sadly those plants got thrown out recently and I can no longer collect seed(bummer).

When it gets even redder and starts to shrivel,pop it off and rub the skin and pulp off with a paper towel. Then put it in a ziplock with a tiny bit of water and check on it occasionally as it will soon germinate. Once it has,put it on top of a little media(premoistened) and bag the container,or put a cloche of some kind over it to trap humidity...jars work pretty well for this. A few years ago,I had a handful of these guys going and took pics like the one in this post.

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