which of these can take shifts in a windowless bathroom?

greentoe357June 8, 2013

One of my goals recently has been to arrange my potted plants so that I can see at least one wherever I hang out in my apartment if possible. I was thinking of putting some of the plants that can take it one at a time (a week each perhaps) into a windowless bathroom. Then I can take it back to a window and take another, so that they each do get the light they need to survive. Which ones can tolerate such treatment, you think, if any? I have:
alocasia polly
clivia (not in bloom)
bird's nest fern
maranta (the red-veined kind)
philodendron "prince of orange"
ficus burgundy / rubber plant
hoya carnosa
satin pothos
pothos "marble queen"
cycad / sago palm
Rhoeo âÂÂTricolorâ / âÂÂMoses-In-The-CradleâÂÂ

Which others should I consider getting that can take this kind of treatment? Should the shifts last a week, more or less? How much after a shift like that, at least, should they each stay close to a window, so that they are reasonably healthy?

I do not have outdoor space. The windows are north or west facing, big, so the apartment is light, but they almost never get direct light because I am on the second floor surrounded by 23-story buildings and a high tree in front.

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greentoe357, long ago and far away, a Saturday routine for my grandmother was to have one of us take all the indoor plants out on the portico where she would tend to them. In the meantime we polished the brass pots and the wooden plant stands.
At the end of the day they were all returned indoors but not necessarily to their original location.
I have no hesitation in recommending that you keep any of your plants in the bathroom no more than 7 days at a time.

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Clivia can be stored under one of your side tables with very little light for the entire summer. In my opinion you might not want the Hmmmmm.... every time you use the shower or sink constant high to low humidity changes of a bathroom for any plant on your list for to long.

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I keep a few cuttings of golden pothos in water permanently in the bathroom - just reg usage lighting. after a year I replace them with new. they even grow:), but I chuck them. 'marble gueen' needs more light, it'll turn green otherwise.
spider plants can def sit in the dark. once long time ago I kept one by the permanently curtained eastern window. it lived in cave semi-darkness, but was very pale and paper tender. but it just sat there for 6-8 months. so 1-2 weeks won't harm it a bit.
same goes for sansi.
zz plant should be ok too. it's similar to sansi. but I havn't tried it personally.

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auron22(6b OH)

The hoya c. would appreciate the humidity. They are tough plants in my experience. However, if it is actively growing and in a dark place for too long the new growth will be white and die back once it is put back in a brighter spot. 24 hours is probably too short for that to happen, or even 7 days can be too short. If you can't move it safely though, I wouldn't bother since the leaves can break off easily. If you want it to flower, then you have even more reason not to put it in the bathroom ...

Have you considered spider plant as a permanent resident in your bathroom? Would be interesting to see if it can survive. The offsets would probably last a long time from the humidity (or so I think....).

I hope whatever you decide turns out well :)

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I do that with my calathea ALL the time. Sometimes longer than a week. I have a ZZ plant that can handle that as well. :)

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

Snake plants can tolerate long periods of little sun, Sometimes i think they are lifeless drones

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Thanks to all! A couple of my plants want to say hello.

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caladiums is not a good choice for this. they'll decline. this is 'little miss muffet' - they need some sun to look good, they are not very robust plants even in good conditions in my experience.

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