Ponytail Palm needs help!

teisa(6)June 15, 2013

This is my moms plant. Obviously it is failing bad. Im guessing she has overwatered it, since that seems to be the most common problem. But my question is, should she cut it back? Any other suggestions for this plant, would be greatly appreciated.

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If the center of the foliage is dead, the top is gone, you will need to hope for sprouts from the bottom. Problem is, the bottom looks rotted too. Time for a new Nolina.

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grrr4200(z3 MI)

take it out of the pot. remove as much of that soil as you can. push and or squeeze the caudex with your fingers. is it squishy? does your finger go through it?

if not there may be hope. Get an airy fast draining soil mixture, i grow mine in miracle grow but there are many soilless mixtures you can do as well. and or cactus potting soil. use that when you re-pot. Also check the roots on this guy and make sure they're not all mush. as long as the caudex is intact and free of rot it can produce new roots. You can actually take more of the caudex out of the soil when you re-pot as well. I've done that to all of mine, makes them look like they have a bigger 'foot'. if in the even the roots are rotted but the caudex is in good shape bury it only deep enough to allow new roots to form on the bottom.

if the stem is still firm pick a place you'd like to cut the top off at. Remove all those dead leaves on the stalk itself(keep it as tall as you'd like) and clip above where you'd like it grow new heads from. Get it outside. These guys can take full sun no problem.

Now the next part is important. Dont water it for awhile. Let it try to heal itself. If the caudex and stalk are still firm there is
hope that it will come back and thrive. Id say wait a week after you put it in new airier planting media. Also make sure the pot your using isn't huge. You could probably stem down into a smaller planter since im thinking there is going to be some root rot. The smaller the pot, the quicker the roots will fill it and the faster you'll see new growth from the stalk.

I wish you luck with this guy! i hope it comes back for you. If in the even the stalk is mush and the caudex is mush. I'd state the above. Put it in the garbage, theres no hope

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Thank you very much for the information! I wasn't really for sure what to tell mom. But Im gonna call and give her the information. She doesn't do the internet!!

Thanks again.

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