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Moosetrackz(9)June 23, 2011


Way back 7 months ago, when my boyfriend and I moved into our apartment together, we were looking for a way to get some privacy. Our back fence is iron bars and if we ever wanted our back door open anyone walking by could see right in. That's how my gardening hobby started. I got my wandering jew (Tradescantia zebrina), my Spider plant, and two big Boston Ferns.

The wandering jew and spider plant are doing great but Im not sure about the ferns. It gets really hot here sometimes and I think they were not happy with that. A few days after putting them out there they started drooping and kinda losing that bushy fern shape. I started misting them 5-6 times a week and they have survived but they still have a kinda droopy shape. Theyv'e also started growing more fronds straight up. Now they look like ferns with a crazy hairdo to me lol.

I love them still and they seem alright and growing but I was just wondering if I'm doing anything that's making them droopy or if it just cant be helped because its hotter than they would like.

Thanks for reading my way too long post lol. Ive attached a picture of the ferns. Sorry ones kinda hidden by the wandering jew.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ferns

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Hi Moose. Plants are much nicer for privacy than curtains.

Actually, your ferns look fine to me. As for the stems growing upwards, this happens with new growth. After they lenghten, they'll hang like the other, more mature fronds.

Ferns and heat don't mix. Not without fresh, circulating air, humidity, and partial shade. They dislike wet feet. Constantly wet, mushy soil can cause leaves to yellow, and look droopy. On the other hand, when a room is hot, water is needed before soil dries completely.

Do you heat your home during winter? Toni

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Your patio is lovely!

I'm not sure your Tradescantia is zebrina. I can't find any that make white flowers, just pink. Are white flowers possible on zebrina? Zebrina also has variegated foliage and yours seems to be unvariegated except a few leaves at the top. Are all of the leaves from the same plant? T. fluminensis AKA albiflora makes those little white flowers. Whatever it is, it looks fantastic!

I bet Delilah's even cuter at the other end. LOL!

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Toni, I lift my ferns and if they feel light then I water them. That usually ends up being 2 times a week when its been hotter. I also mist them about 5 times a week. It doesnt really get cold enough here in winter to heat our apartment.

Purple, Im not sure, now that you mention it, if the whole plant is Zebrina. Only some have the stripes and then rest are green with purple under the leaves and fuzzy. I wouldnt be surprised if it was a different plant since it came with miniature chenille in the basket too. It kinda got choked out by the other plants but a few tiny chenille flowers are starting to bloom. Why they would put so many plants in one basket is beyond me. Added a link to see the dogs if you wanna know the face behind the butt! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Dogs

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Hi Moose..Lifting is a great way to test soil.

Your green, striped is Tradescantias, common name, Inch Plant.
Which purple plant do you mean? lol..Toni

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Well good to know! I thought this whole time I had zebrina because some of the leaves were striped. HOme Depot needs to stop putting 3 plants in a basket and calling it "mixed basket"! lol Very confusing.

I said the underside of the leaves were purple or I called the second person to post Purple because their user name was Purpleinopp. Is that what you were asking Toni? :)

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Moosetrackz, yes, I thought you were referring to a purple about that..

Somehow, Zebrina and Tradescantias are related. They keep changing names, it's hard to keep

The plant, Wandering Jew, is Tradescantia zebrina. At least that's one name..I've seen it listed under other botanical names..

Even when HD has labels with plant names, half the time their people remove a tag to read the name, then place in a different plant, other times plants are shipped with incorrect labels.

How about tags that say, Foliage Plant? lol.

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