Trumpet Honeysuckle--Indoor Only?

spinal_fusionJune 18, 2007

Hi all! I sure hope this is the appropriate forum for this question; I wasn't sure what category would be best and this seemed as good as any...I'm a reluctant workaholic and newbie grower of the green things. I spend more hours of my day than I care to admit at my cubicle, and have developed a master plan to grow pretty and/or fragrant (preferably both) plants at my desk so that I can bring a little bit of nature into my sterile and--quite frankly--smelly office. I bought two plants on ebay for this purpose: an Alabama trumpet honeysuckle vine and a gardenia August beauty shrub that I would like to train as a bonsai.

Regarding the honeysuckle vine: it only set me back $5 so I thought, "Why not?" Now the thing is shipping to me and I have no idea how to encourage it to survive and thrive under office lighting. I do have plenty trellis-type office equipment (thank you office max for selling wire desk accessories!) for a vine to grow onto; just am not sure about the lighting situation.

My apologies for the super-long post, any suggestions would be most gratefully appreciated!


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Hi C..well, hate to sound discouraging, but the honeysuckle is going to be a problem..they're normally grown u plan on training this as a bonsai too? If so, It'd need cool winters. an office environment wouldn't work. Do u have a Trumpet Vine or Honeysuckle? There's a difference? Even though both are normally grown outdoors, in full sun..
Do you have a window in your office? Gardenias are gorgeous but again are hard to grow, especially in a dry, hot room. They need cool,humid air in winter. This is difficult in a house let alone an office..Good luck, C..Toni

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Thank you for replying! The vine is L. sempervirens, so a honeysuckle. I wanted to get a native species in case I had to grow it at home (even though I won't get to enjoy it much if that's the case). Perhaps I'll let the vine grow at home for awhile until I have enough to make a cutting, and experiment with that one at work. I'd love to be able to grow it so that it covers some portion of my cubicle walls.

In regards to the gardenia, I knew when I got it that I'll be attempting to run before I can plan was to get a couple of those sun lamps and keep water on hand in a spray bottle to mist on the gardenia every day. I plan on photo-journaling my efforts so that if (or more likely when) I run into problems, I'll have something better than a vague description of the issue.

Thanks again for reply...if my plants look like they're in trouble, at least I know now to bring them home to recover them!


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