What's going on with my ivy

mooncat89June 2, 2014

So like, I got one of those Ivy plants they keep in doors at Lowes and I stopped watering it for a little because it seemed like it liked not being watered so much but when I went to water it because it's hot now a bunch of the leaves started falling off. I thought it was fine because the color didn't turn at all but now it's dry and seems like it started to wither (please forgive me plant god), is that what happens when you don't give it as much water as it needs?

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Indoors, Hedera is a mite magnet. Check that issue first. Your plant prefers a damp, not a wet soil. About as damp as a well wrung out sponge would be ideal. Soils that support soggy layers of saturated soil toward the bottom of the pot should be avoided because of the several issues associated with the grower being unable to water properly when using them.


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Ok so like,.. I'm totally freaking out. I noticed webs with these tan little bugs crawling all over it and then I realized they were eating it but at the same time the leaves are falling off. Is it the bugs that are making the leaves fall off? Why is this happening? Please help.

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They are called spider mites :-) They are the reason I left my ivy to the frost last year. Easy fix, you can kill the spider mites with soapy water. Dish soap works fine. You can make it strong and sudsy, just rinse it off after the mites are dead. Works best to just submerge the plant (not the pot) and sort of wash the mites off. You are going to lose a lot of leaves due to the mites. Dont worry about that too much, the leaves that are falling off are damaged and no good to the plant anyway. Also, spider mites spread like wildfire so if you have any other plants nearby you should check them as well.

Once you have killed off the mites, use a spray bottle to mist the plant every day. That will discourage future infestation. Spider mites like dry air.

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Ok, I actually sprayed the bejesus out of it with insecticide from raid. I didn't wanna do it but I was desperate. I don't see any more bugs but I will check it tomorrow and wet the leaves. Thank you.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Raid may kill your plant.

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Mites are not insects.

And also (O_O) Way to throw a grenade at a mouse. You must be new to this.

You dont need to poison your whole household and kill your plant just to get rid of a tiny mite.

Future reference: simpler, gentler treatments are the way to go (y)

I have used dish soap to kill spider mites on more than one occasion. It works great. Nobody died (except the mites). Nobody got cancer. My plant was happy. And we all lived happily ever after.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

MC - There are soaps that are specifically designed to be used on plants (insecticidal soaps) that are very safe and won't compromise the effectiveness of the plant's cuticular waxes (the natural waxy compounds in the 'skin' of the leaves and green stems) like dish soaps and other detergents do, and you should use those instead of dish harsher "soaps" for applications where insecticidal soap is appropriate. Castile soap, made from olive oil, is also an effective miticide, but all you really need is a twice weekly spritz of a 50/50 mix of water and 70% (that's the % of alcohol in the product) rubbing alcohol.

The vehicle in the Raid is undoubtedly phytotoxic (poison to plants), so you might have sealed the plant's fate via the recent declaration of war, but we'll hope against that possibility.


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I knew the chances of it harming my plant were high as most mass marketed products donâÂÂt give a flying cluck about anyone's health, I couldn't afford the organic stuff at Home Depot and my friend offered what she had left of the stuff so I took a chance. I was looking at monterey spinosad organic garden insect spray but it cost like $15, is this good to use for in the future? Mites arenâÂÂt insects but it lists them so I figure is helpful.

Are you talking about Dr. Bronners Castile soap? I have kirkâÂÂs Castile soap but itâÂÂs made from coconut oil. It comes in a bar that you can mix with water and put in a spray bottle. It has coconut soap, vegetable glycerin, and coconut oil.

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