Something eating my ridge gourd

xman(7/8)September 7, 2011


Finally after 4 months of growing wild my ridge gourd plants have finally started fruiting, but something is getting to the fruits and chewing them off even before they reach a couple of inches, the fruits are not completely eaten, just the middle. Also, the tender shoots are snipped off. Everyone of the fruits is eaten off, and it is done during the night or very early in the morning.

What could it be? Squirrels or rats? How do I protect the fruits?



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Belgianpup(Wa/Zone 7b)

Some animals will eat fruits and vegetables to get moisture in hot weather. A friend was having similar trouble with her plants, so she set out some extra plant saucers filled with water (several sizes, most fairly large) away from her garden area, and kept them filled. The problem wasn't eliminated, but it improved quite a bit.

You could also try tying netting over the fruits, allowing for growth... at least while they're small and tender.


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Thanks Sue. I have quite a few water sources in my backyard, like a pond and stream, bird baths, and a couple of other water features.

I will try to put some kind of netting over the fruits to see if I can save them. Initially I was ok with sharing the fruits with the critter, but now the critter is bent on destroying more than it can eat. I find most of it just thrown on the ground..


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zzackey(8b GA)


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I have the same problem :( the vines are super healthy and flowers intensely, but finally when the gourds have set something strips them. I managed to get one spared one and other one has tiny marks that appear to be teeth.

This vegetable has lot of medicinal qualities according to Ayurveda and plain delicious..WHAT CAN I DO? May be garlic and Habenero ground into paste mixed w/oil and pasted on the tender shoots? Help!

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