small bamboo and aloe plant

Lisa24869June 20, 2011

Hi there, I have a few house plants and most are fine, but a couple aren't doing so great. I have a few shoots of bamboo in a little pot with rocks (that's how it came) and one of the shoots has turned yellow with black spots. Some of the other shoots aren't doing so great either. I've had it a long time, I used to live in a basement and it did okay there but this happened to a shoot there as well. Now i'm above ground and had it in a window with indirect sun so I'm not sure where to put it; with no sun exposure it didn't do well and with only indirect sun exposure it's not doing well. I was told it didn't need any sun at all. And I'm keeping it very hydrated because I was also told to do that.....any thoughts?

Also, I bought a small aloe plant a little while ago and when I got it home I realized that the roots weren't embedded in the soil. So I just packed it in with a bit of extra soil and watered it once a week like I was told. But it's sort of brownish and doesn't look so great, so I'm wondering if there's something I should be doing.

Any suggestions would be great!



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For the lucky bamboo, I am assuming it is growing in rocks and water? If that's the case, then there is more to it then just putting water in the pot. You have to change the water here & there, and you also must provide nutrients. I would suggest potting it in soil instead, because it will do much better. As for light, you are correct, no direct sun. They actually grow quite well in low light, although they can get a bit floppy and leggy in low light. I have a lucky bamboo on our piano, which is about 20 feet from a west window. It gets a bit floppy, but I've had it for 13 years now, so I venture to say it's doing alright.

As for your aloe, it is going to need good light, with some sun exposure. It is undoubtedly a pup from a larger plant, and it sound like it hasn't really had time to build up any kind of root system. The key here is not to fiddle with it, because you'll disturb the roots. These guys will need a nice loose, free draining soil, and need to be left to dry before watering. As long as the roots are under the soil, and you don't do anything to knock it over or disturb it, it should put out some roots. As for color, it should be green, not brown. Brown and soft means overwatering, brown and hard means underwatering.


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Lisa....does the bamboo pot have drainage holes? Mine are grown in water and pebbles, and do okay.
But when grown in a pot with soil, IMO, the soil should dry a little before adding more water..especially if the container doesn't have drainage.

Aloes needs bright light..when mature, they adapt to full sun.
Don't listen to store NOT water once a week. Water when soil is dry, crumbly. Aloe is a succulent..Succulent, 'leaves/stems' hold water..
What size is its pot? A baby Aloe does well in small containers, a little larger than the rootball..if the container is too large, with a lot of soil, 'especially heavy soil,' it will eventually get root rot.

Can you post a picture? Thanks, Toni

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