my first jasminum sambac maid of orleans

xmikelx(6)June 14, 2011

i posted in fraagrant forums about this

i recieved a jasminum moo, yesturday ,in the mail, arrived sick looking. some branches were dead , has many buds, it is like 8 inches high? has five main stems; each has old,giant,hard,crusty,yellowish leaves at the base.

questions are since i recieved it monday should i wait till friday to transplant it? also can i remove the ugly parts leaves branches and such or wait until i am transplanting it?

Grnthum was kind enough to give me some tips: dont over water dont fert. keep in shady cool place for several days nd provide humidity.

anyhelp is appreciated. dont want it to die!

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You already got the correct tips, keep it dry between waterings, if you have a strong heart then pluck all the flower buds as they require energy and the plant is already in stress & energy deprived, it will soon grow more for you. They love the heat, what are temperatures over there?
Dont fertilize it unless you see the new growth and use a balanced fertilizer. Give it the brightest light after initiation of new growth, they prefer direct sun. Here is mine with temperatures regularly over 95F but its outside and doesn't come under a "house plant" category..

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thanks for responding.

yikes! scary, pluck the buds...well ok.
ill have to purchase another fert. b/c the one i have is 30 10 10 (miracid).
so i should wait till i see new growth to transplant?
it is 72 degrees today will top out low 80s.
thank again!

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Mike, MOO is my all time favorite, frangrant plant. They're so sweet-smelling, several years ago I bought four, then placed in different rooms..Natural Air Freshener.

I never debudded...Will yours be in a container?

Izhar..Your MOO is the prettiest I've ever seen. Wish they were hardy here, but our winters are too cold..Zone 5.
Why do you say blooms should be removed? Toni

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hi toni youve mentioned that before in other threads, i stalk container fragrant and houseplant forums every now and
i already debudded :( yikes ...if it grows well for me then i hope itll be my fav!
it will be indoors always. until it dies anyway. lol

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Mike, stalking forums, YIKES! Lurking sounds

I don't go to CG, so you probably read it on Fragrant Forum..
They discuss MOO's and other fragrant plants like Gardenias.

Debudding won't hurt, but now you won't get to smell the flowers...The good news is MOO's are ever-blooming. Even during winter months..The con is fragrance is mostly noticeable at night. If you're a night owl, you'll smell its fragrance. lol.
It depends. In winter, around 7pm, summer around 10pm.

I'd like to get a variegated MOO. Toni

PS: 'If it grows well for me then I hope it'll be my fav!' LOLOL

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Toni, thank you for your complement... developing flower buds consume a LOT of energy from plant. If you can manage, you can judge this by a simple test which I have done on few perennials, I took around ten plants in their blooming/budding stages and transplanted them in a common bed, I removed all the blooms and flower buds on 5 plants... just in a week significant difference can be observed... all the plants with buds removed quickly sprouted new growth at multiple nodes, while only one or two from the other group sprouted and that also from a node or two..

My plant is blooming its heart out now a days, it was a huge shrub but not any more as we now prune it regularly... regular pruning made it to bloom much better, we daily pick the blooms to placed in rooms and car... if you drink tea then you can put a flower in you cup, very refreshing when you return from your work..

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Toni,LOL .when it flowers ill def. get to smell it. how would you describe the fragrance? ive never heard of a variegated MoO '0.o' ooooh. would u highly recommend accents for the home and garden?

izhar- good information. so when you pluck the flowers for the cars and rooms it only gives off scent at night?

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Izhar..Do you suggest removing all first-time flowers? In other words, I just got through planting annuals in the back yard, front and in containers. All are blooming. Should I snip each flower or wait until they fade?
What about perrenials?

Dead-heading some plants is very important. Petunias are one example. If they're not dead-headed, flowers seed. They rebloom, but it takes time.

Izhar, are you talking about plants grown outdoors or inside as house plants?

I see you're in zone 11, so your area is probably warm/hot most of the year. Here in IL, zone 5, annuals bloom 3-5 months, depending on type.
Perrenials differ, too..during summer, perrenials can bloom once, twice, some throughout the season. Unfortunately, our summers are short.

But, I see what you mean. Pinching leaves makes a plant compact, too. Some indoor plants need constant pinching.

Mike..MOO's flowers are sweet-smelling. Ever smell citrus blooms? If so, the fragrance is similiar. Sweeter than Gardenia. I like MOO's scent better than Gardenias.
Hopefully, you'll get to get a whiff soon. :)

I'm always looking at plants on Ebay. There's a few sellers in Thailand who have the most beautiful plants. One had a variegated MOO...oh, sooo beautiful.

Yep, I love shopping at Accents for home and garden. His plants are potted in 4" containers, and quite a variety. In all the years I've ordered from Accents, never did I find insects. His prices are more than reasonable. He adds new plants, but they go fast.

Are you looking for a certain plant/s? Toni

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Mike, I dont know about the colder regions but almost all of our Jasmines including J. sambac, J. officinale, J. angulare remain scented for at least two days, although the best fragrance is around dusk time..

Toni, its actually the developing flower bud which takes out the energy from plant, so you can nip the buds but already opened up blooms can be left on stalks (but deadhead the spent ones, so as to stop the fruit formation). I always remove the buds from my annuals before planting them, I keep them in the pots/flats until the new growth appears then transplant them..

As far as petunias are concerned, deadheading + a hair cut when they get kinda leggy give them a boost to produce multiple blooms again, I am putting a link for a related video from youtube, do check it out! it helped me a lot..

Pinching/pruning is beneficial for only those plants (annuals or perennials) which already growing strong..

Here is a link that might be useful: Rejuvenating Petunias

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xmikelx(6) i wanna check out ebay. i look on amazon alot, which is where i got this jasmine from.
i want aglaia orodata and african gardenia. sooo bad. i looked on accents but they are sold out and "-2" have any other fragrants you enjoy growing in zone 11?

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Izhar. You know a LOT about plants..If you don't mind me asking, are you in the business or a hobbyist?
Do you know anything about Impatiens Morsei? If you do, please say yes or no, and I'll start a new thread.

Thanks for the You Tube video. I know why he suggests pruning at night. So one doesn't see what their Petunia looks like after a hair
Actually, pruning Petunias is a great idea. They're beautiful, frangrant plants, but by July look ugly..I don't like degrading any plant, but the truth is, they look like dead twigs. I dead-head, but it's not enough..I didn't even buy Petunias this spring, even though they're one of my favorite annuals.
However, I have a small section in front. When I go shopping, I'll see if they have any left. Now I know what needs doing. Thanks.

Mike, Accents plants go fast. In the beginning, my favorite time to order from Accents was autumn. Roots and foliage had he entire summer to grow larger. Nowadays, his plants go fast.
Why not drop him a line? Ask if he'll have Aglaia and African Gardenia in this year.

Another fine nursery is Almost Eden Plants. His specimens are a little more money, but they're quite large. The last time I checked AE's site, many plants were marked down. Can't hurt to try, you know?

WARNING: Ebay is addicting, lol.
Once you're on Ebay's home page, type the first name of the plant in the Search Window. To the right is a drop down window. Click on 'home and garden.' Hit Enter.

Dave's Garden is another place to check. They don't sell plants, but list people who want and have 'X' plants for sale. Again, it never hurts to try.
Dave's also has a section called Garden Watchdog. They list nurseries from A-Z, and feedback for each nursery.

There's also a Search button. Type in the name of the plant you're looking for, and up pops several nurseries that 'might' have 'X' plant available..

There's all types of ways locating a plant.. :) Toni

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Toni, I am just an amateur hobbyist, I do try to experiment and save the records so as to keep the best practices rolling in.. 'm sorry I dont know this impatiens ...

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toni- i think i will do that.
i check out almost eden every now and then also. never ordered from them though.
i get addicted to amazon
thanks for the info!!!

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Izhar..keeping records is a great idea. I keep a journal, jot down names/nurseries/dates purchased/when in flower/when fertilized and ST'd, etc.

You're so lucky living in z11!!! The only problem I'd have in a warm/hot climate is BUGS. I fear insects here; I can imagine how big and creepy they are

Mike, do you order from Hirt's through Amazon? Hirt's has really nice plants. Very healthy. Every so often they get in new types..

The African Gardenia at Accents goes fast. I've look for one every so often, but they're out of stock. If it's still listed on his site, it should be available eventually..Still, I'd email him. Do you have his addy? If not, I'll give it to you. Toni

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Mike, I checked Ebay..don't know how much you want to spend, but there's two available. Both are Buy Now.
One seller has it for 28.50 or Best. You might be able to go as low as's worth a try.
Shipping is 18.50. Sheesh.

The second seller is in Thailand...he wants a small fortune. 34.99 plus 35.00 for shipping..

Keep looking..these prices are outrageous. Toni

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Bugs are big ..but those preying on them are also so there is a balance... some are very attractive like this one:

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toni- yes, i purchased it from hirts...before buying it i was looking at it for months thinking..." hmm should i???"

sure id love to have his address,thank you very much!

btw i transplanted the maid of orleans into a clay pot, i had so muh trouble with the roots( i like to bare root my plants, did that to a peace lily i recently purchased, was huge but i got seven individual plants from it.) the moo's roots were crazy tangled, but i got them seperated. put four of the stems into a 5 or 6 inch pot. i think i see buds growing, super excited. put the smallest stem into a 4 inch.

the shipping is crazy... but even before that....the prices...i definitely dont want to spend that

that insect is kinda the picture. it looks like a lobster to me.

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Izhar..I give up, what is it? Looks like a Variegated It is pretty, but don't think I'd want it crawling/hopping on me..
Of course, it's much better looking than a thick bodied/legged spider or centipede/milipede..

Mike, those prices are high..Guess we'll both have to wait for the plants we want at reasonable costs. They'll come along..Sometimes, during autumn, sellers drop prices.

Have you tried Gardenwatchdog? Toni

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hey toni have you ever purchased plants from gardinos?
i have not, was wondering if you woluld recommend them. i like the pries that have fro the sizes..6 inch for 15 bucks is not bad but im not sure about shipping. they dont show shipping.
also accentsfor the home a garden... do you kno their shipping.
no i havent tried that yet though i have been there to check on logees and gardinos and some other things but not to look to buy plants have you bought from their?

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Yay my jasmine flowered for first time whoopiee... and their are bunches of other buds coming along. no one likes the smell of it but me surprising. cousin said smells like new mattress LOL...i guess we all have a different sense of smell.

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