Cryptanthus surprised me!

asleep_in_the_gardenJune 12, 2013

So I have this cryptanthus,right? ...and it's doing something I've only recently learned about that I had no idea they could do. I've always heard that when a brom flowers,its next move is to make a few divisions and then die and while generally this is true,quite some time back mine decided to get an injury in transport and the growth point was broken but soon TWO little replacements grew back out from the center! Still some time later the new growth broke off and started developing roots(encouraged by terrarium pampering of course)of their own.

Never knew they could be propagated from the top! :)

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

Me neither, such a surprize

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Loretta NJ Z6

This has happened to me too but the base has not died on me yet. Maybe because it breaks off too soon? In any case, I've been able to keep this one nice and small so I like it. I haven't tried using a terrarium or cloche to root the babies. Next time I will. I have just placed them at the base of other plants in the past. They live but don't root so eventually, they get knocked off without me seeing it and die. How long do they take to develop roots?

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Hard to say as I haven't really kept track. But I've always been kinda devil-may-care about cuttings and such,after all,when you put a cutting in a humidity trap they won't lose water as it has nowhere to go. Just like on a humid day the sweat won't dry off your skin because the air is already saturated. Thus without the threat of going all crispy,just about anything that could root is likely to to just that time. Now if I had kept a journal maybe I could have kept track of such things but I'm not much of a note taker...I just drop stuff in a terrarium and then forget about it til the next time I notice.

Last time I looked it didn't seem that the roots were even reaching the soil but in time I'm sure they will.

....Come to think of it I should poke around in there and see whats new. :)

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