help identify my little peace lily?

squidy(8a)June 27, 2011

I didn't even realize this thing was a peace lily when I bought it. I never liked them much, but this one is so tiny and crinkly. It's an Exotic Angel plant and the tag just says Spathiphyllum. It's in a 4-inch pot.

Here are some pics, sorry they're not very good:

and for size ref..:

Does it have a name?

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hey Squidy,

Interesting look those ruffled edges, I've not seen that one before.

I collect Hoyas, sometimes from Exotic Angel. Have you visited their site? There's likely a name for that plant on their site, mind you it might be a wrong name, which they do often enough, but you might try looking there.

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Gosh, it's amazing how large the plant looks in the pictures.

Very nice and healthy. I have not seen one of these before but even though I'm not that great a fan of peacelilies, I would probably buy if I saw it in the store.

I agree with Pirate..You just may find its name on the EA website.

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I checked EA site, but Squidy's plant is not listed under Spath.
It reminds me of a green/non variegated, Philodendron 'ring of fire.' Leaves and flowers are shaped alike.

Squidy, it's a most remarkable plant. Where did you find it? Toni

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It's cute! And your pics are great. Now my pics... that's a different story. :(

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Found it at Home Depot. :D
I just moved, and the one that's near me now has a ZILLION plants. It was the only one of its kind that I saw there.

Now I'm glad I picked it up. When I'm there I never know what to get because I don't know what might be hard to find again..

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Sounds like you have one of the great HD's. They're certainly not all alike.

I've found out the hard way that once I see a plant that I like, to go ahead and get it because chances are the next day it won't be there. LOL!

EA usually sneaks plants in that no one is aware they're selling but I enjoy that.


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'Ditto' Susan's post. Most of the time, both nearby HD's sell the same, common plants, but if you happen to be there the right time, you could get lucky. :)
And you surely did.
I feel like running to HD to see if your plant is available. lol. It's lovely, Squidy.

If yours is a Spath, I'd go for it. I'm not a Spath fan..have 3..two variegated, one green and not doing well because of my selfish neglect..gets watered, whenever, needs repotting, etc.

take care of that cutie..Toni

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I definitely will. :)

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