In local stores EA Plant this week

scsva(7/VA)June 17, 2011

Gorgeous huge Hawaiian Spider Plants from EA in our local Wal-Mart!!


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Susan, you're lucky your Walmart sells plants..Every since ours remodeled, they have one tiny stand holding a few over-priced common plants..
Are you going to buy the Spider? Toni

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Yes, I grabbed it the first moment I saw it!

I'm thinking you like orchids. Today I found 2 phal orchids in the heavy, clear glass pot for $3.75 each (marked down). They didn't have blooms, of course but the foliage is beautiful. These were on the marked down shelf at Lowe's.


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Susan, Wow, you've been finding some real deals. :) 3.75 per Orchid. That IS a bargain.

I love orchids, but if I were to buy one, the leaves would have to be variegated.

The nearest Lowes is at the minimum, a 45 min drive. We stopped there once..What a disappointment! Their plant section was hidden in a corner. I had to ask where it was, lol.

What did you end up getting? lol. Toni

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I go out looking for hoyas. You never know when EA will sneak some in that you didn't know they were selling. LOL!

I did get the spider, a variegated mini lipstick (which I'm thinking may be a dischidia (possible wrong tag stuck on) because it doesn't look "variegated" to me, a pepperomia orba and a petra croton (small 4 inch pots) from EA.


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Susan, sometimes people remove tags then stick them in a different pot, and sometimes they're mislabled.

I bought one plant labeled Lipstick; it's a Large Leaf Hoya. A second time I purchased a Gesneriad/variegated Lipstick at Walmart labeled, Deer's

Every so often, EA sends rare plants to stores. I also found a mini Lipstick or Hoya at HD..I killed it long ago, but it was pretty and different..They only shipped the one. I worked there, so as soon as we opened the boxes, the solo mini was grabbed

Do you have a Jewel's Grocery store nearby? I think they're called Albertson or Albersons in other states.
If so, they sometimes have Hoyas..I love their 1.00 sales. You wouldn't believe the number of plants I bought for 1.00. In 4" pots.

Some Hoya Carnosas, 'EA's main Hoyas' are more variegated than others..depends on species and/or light. If a variegated isn't getting enough sun, it reverts to green. Hoyas are sun lovers...they also need a lot of light to bloom. Good luck plant hunting. Every try a garage sale?

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I would love to find plants at yards sales, etc. Love yard sales but don't get out to many in the last few years. I love plants grown by other persons.

I see our Wal-Mart has started marking down the garden center plants-toasted diffenbachias and dracaena Rikki-Janet Craig- 5 gallon buckets for $2.50. That's probably as good as it gets! LOL!! I don't see lots of varieties this year; was looking for some large snake plants but I guess they haven't gotten those in yet.


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Susan, I really don't go to garage sales either, but if you get a neighborhood paper, check the Ad sections. People having the garage sales usually place ads in the local paper, and often list items they're selling. I mainly look for plants, pots and books.

2.50 for a JC in a 5-gallon pot is unbelievable.

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I went back to look and it wasn't a 5 gallon pot-I must have been hallucinating. LOL! It's a 8 inch pot. They were crisp from the sun but there was new growth. I didn't get one.


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Hi Susan. An 8" potted plant, for 2.50 is still a bargain. It was nice of you to alert people who are looking for sale Dracaenas and Dieffs.

Before our Walmart was remodeled, they sold quite a few the store, a semi-enclosed section and the parking lot. The parking lot consisted of outdoor annuals, perrenials and bulbs.
One year, they had lovely, staked Bougainvilleas for 20.00. I didn't want to pay that price, even though it was worth it...Think it was Sept, the Bougs sold for 4.00 each..I missed it!! Someone got a bargain.

One thing I discovered..this happened at least three times. There are ppl who shop at places like Walmart and buy all their sale plants, then resell at higher prices.

One time, Walmart had 4-5' palm trees for 9.99. There had to be 50. There was one desert palm that caught my eye. I debated buying it, but at the last minute, declined.
After getting home, that palm stuck my mind. I ended driving back to Walmart..mind you, this all took place, less than half an hour.

I walked in, and every last palm was gone..someone bought every darn palm tree. The palms were scattered throughout the store, not in a bunch or section.
I called Walmart every other day for three weeks, but they had no idea if more palms would be fact, as far as I know, they never were.

It's best not to hesitate..if we're interested, and the price is right, go for it.

The same thing happened at our grocery store..they had Chlorophytum 'fire flash,' for 5.99. I didn't know what it was, so left it behind.
Deja vu. I went back to the store and couldn't find it..There was only one. But this time I lucked out. A week or two later, we went grocery shopping..I described the plant to dh..someone tucked it behind other plants..there it was..this time, I didn't went in my cart..Since that time, I've never seen Fire Flash sold locally.

Sorry for ranting, lol..Toni

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Keep on ranting, Toni. I enjoy your posts.

I learned the hard way that if you see something you're interested in (if the price is halfway decent) then go ahead and get it because chances are it will be gone later.

I've been going in our local Lowe's each day (don't usually do this) to see if anything gets marked down. It's a great way to get exercise and do something enjoyable but have not seen anything new in the last couple of weeks. They have lots of plants that should be marked down as I'm sure no one is going to pay a high price for toasty plants.

One of the small things I have been looking for is a 'pregnant onion'. Usually in spring and summer they are mixed in with the little cactus/succulents but stores just don't seem to be getting them in as usual.


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Susan, do you walk to Lowes? Yep, great exorcise, free of charge, and something you enjoy..Can't be beat! :)

Here in IL, prices are marked down around Sept. Some as low as .50. It depends on the plant and store.

The only problem is, most plants are common..plants I have or don't want.

Susan, my Pregnant Onion is in bloom now. If you can't find one, I can send you a few bulbs..The thing is, they're small. When I first got my PO, I received a tiny bulb. It took years before it was a decent sized plant.
Bulbs multiply, like Tulips. Let me know..Toni

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hey Toni,

This caught my eye the other day, I didn't have a chance to get back to ask you. What's w/ the "Large Leaf Hoya"? Curious minds want to see, cause I've not seen this at HD, 'til recently, & I got it 2 wks ago (mine is labeled Hoya Chelsea, much larger leaves than any Chelsea I've seen before).

Am curious to see what you've got as "Large Leaf Hoya"

Pictures, pls. Shall I say, I'll show you mine if you show me yours??? :>)

(PG) Karen

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