Do I need to pull any of them inside?

csmooot(9a)June 28, 2013

It's expected to reach 118 degrees here in Nevada over the weekend. As I assume most of you are doing, I have most of my indoor plants outside for the summer. I moved my full sun plants (wandering jew, lemon, jade, etc) into shade about two days ago. Is it going to harm any of them if I bring them inside for the weekend?

If not, which can stay outside? There's a LOT of them, haha. Spider plants, dieffenbachia, pineapple, wandering jew, jade, eureka lemon, those are my babies, there's a bit more now. But mainly those?

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CS. Good question. lol

Last summer in IL, during the months of June and July, temps were between 100-104F.

The humidity was very high. The odd thing was, one would think it'd rain @ 60+% humidity. Not a drop fell from the sky.

With high temps and humidity, the heat index rose to 109/110F.

I left my plants outside, but they needed more water than ever.

Regarding the plants you have, I'd be skeptical leaving Spiders and WJ's in such high heat.

As far as your other plants, how long have they been outside? Toni

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I'd move them in if I were you, better to be safe than sorry

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Toni, They've all been outside since April.

I moved the spiders and WJ's inside today.

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