old toilet and sink

msjay2u(7)January 13, 2008

okay I know this is gonna sound crazy but here goes. I am having my bathroom redone and today they took out the old toilet and sink. I was wondering if anyone out there has done anything with a sink and or toilet in their yard? I hate to send it to the dunp. I also have a beautiful cherry entertainment glass door I picked up at the dumpster (too pretty to pass by) but don't know what to do with it. Ideas? photos?

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Hold On to your hat.....
Just wait till the Kids....
Get with the I D E A S FOR THIS ONE>>>>
It will be a real....
TRIP !!!
Thanks for writing msjay2u!!!
(catchy little name...)
This will be lots of fun....
we got kids with IDEAS that THE Martha
would kill for..!!!!
God Bless
Happy New Year !

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my neighbour buried her old sink level with the ground and the edge of the sink served as edging to keep the other plants in her garden out. She then planted low blue groundcover-type (but not as invasive) flowers. When in bloom, it looks like water! She even left the faucet and taps in and showing.

I always want to add some plates buried in the dirt around these flowers to make it look like dishes being ready for washing! (But I don't darre touch someone else's garden). One of these days I *will* make her a sign that reads: My garden has everything - and the kitchen sink!

As for the toilet... I have seen them set out in yards and used for planters and such. Personally, I think it looks tacky. I have not seen any way to make a toilet look good in a yard or garden. But if anyone *can* make it look good, I'm sure they'd be on this board!! :)

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Last night I went looking on the Internet for ideas and I found this article about a guy who wanted to put a 6' fence around his house and he was denied so out of protest he put a fence of toilets up. LOL it is kind of funny.

I was thinking about making a scarecrow and putting it on the toilet somewhere in the back of my yard. I thought that might be funny. I got the idea from here (the out house is funny too)

Here is a link that might be useful: fence protest

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That is a cute idea, msjay2u! lol! I am going nuts because when I do a search at Garden Web, it seems that every post related to toilets, sinks and bathtubs that I want to read can no longer be found! Grrrrr

I have seen them put in the yard discreetly and heavily planted. Sinks were planted with flowers to resemble soap suds or blue water. Someone even had a clay pot man sitting on a toilet. I remember someone else has a very cool pond in an old bathtub with the attached shower being a fountain.

When and if I ever get a yard, I always wanted to incorporate a sink, toilet and tub in honor of my B/F who is a retired plumber.

I remember your very cool little cottage and the surrounding property. I imagine you could create a little "outhouse" with your toilet and sink as a planter in a corner that would be a fun discovery for guests to encounter.

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S E E>>>>>> MsJay2u!!!!
I told ya!!.... just keep reading....!!!
HeY I just LOVE that toilet story !!!

After all..... the bathroom is called the WATER CLOSET>>.
Make a
Gold fish tank ( TANK !!!)
use it to store your Garden tools.... in the Tank...
plant flowers in the SEAT !!!!

YOU will get many more ideas ....
give it a few days....
***"that Kitchen sink thing...My friends at church
gave me a little key chain the is a little kitchen sink....
it even makes a running water sound....
IN HONOR OF I HAVE EVERYTHING I N C L U D I N G the kitchen sink.....IN MY PURSE !!!!"

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Here are a couple of pictures of how some sinks have been used.

This is my sink planter.

I saved this pic of a sink used as a fountain. I think it came from this site, but I can't remember who posted it. Maybe they will see it and let us know.

And here are some links of toilet planters to copy and paste. Some are quite pretty.



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thanks for the ideas. LOL I am thinking this idea back and forth. I do not have any garden junk yet. Oh let me retract that statement.. I have junk in my garden but not put to use yet. I was thinking about using the sink as a birdbath. I also thought about putting some mosiac tiles on the out side of the sink to make it look better. It is a wall mounted sink and I should not have thrown away the clamps because now I think it it might be a good idea to attach to a tree. LOL

Well for now the sink and toilet are going in the barn. when it warms up some I will get out there and make something. oh and luna everytime I tried to search the forum for toilets the same thing happened...links no longer available. it was very frustrating.

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Here is a picture of one of my toilets. Shysue- I love your sinks! Would love to find one of those. I also saw a picture, but of course, I'm not sure which site had it. It was of what looked to be a wall mounted sink sitting in a rusty barrel with geraniums and some kind of vine. It was beautiful!

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TwoMonths(So Calif)

Do not have a picture, but my DH put one in the back of an old house, planted it with flowers and a sign that said "Best Seat in the Place". I think he searched the garden books for all kinds of stinky named plants or bathroom items names on plants or something. It was before we got married. Some people take the backs off and use them seperately to plants things.

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Here's a photo of my sink. My DH mounted it on a plastic birdbath base filled with concrete and it is now a bird bath. I have a rock in the bottom of the sink so it is not so deep for the birds. They love it.

Here is a link that might be useful: My photos

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ROFL on the fence protest. But actually on their gallery page under the heading of "Pictures sent in from friends," if you look at the 9th picture it looks like those might be doable in some way. They used the bowl and made them into flowers. I esp. like the iris one. It looks like a little paint and maybe some tin and you should be able to make an iris.

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clicker, I like your garden junk. Very interesting!! cute baby too. what is that you have planted in the shoes? I like it. I looed at the gallery and those urinals look very interesting. Thanks everyone for your input!!
I have gotten other ideas for my junk too. I like the idea of putting the sink on a pedestal. looks like something I might be able to pick up in my local restore.

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msjay - that is hen & chicks in the shoes (Sempervivum)

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follow up. I wound up getting rid of the toilet and sink. I will be working on some garden junk this summer though.

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Okay...Call me crazy..buuut...my plan (which started about 3yrs ago...) is to mosaic with broken toilet/sink shards...they're porceline so weatherproof, and those old ones come in allll kinds of colors!!! I have potato sacks of yellow,mauve,blue,green shards and am planning on making a royal "Throne" chair of the likes of Cait's bench!!! I dragged all this &^%$ home one day when I went to my fav eco wood store and they were closing down and had to get rid of everything, so were smashing tiolets and sinks to make more room in the garbage bin...well, I looked at all those beautiful colors together in that bin and asked if I could take some...after taking my pulse and asking me how many fingers he was holding up....he let me have atter!!! Here is a little gnome path I made with a few bits! So remember, it can be useful as mosaics!!!lol!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Calamity_j, what a cute idea for the pieces! I saw your gnome path on another post and never realized that's where you got those pretty colored pieces. lol! Great recycling idea!

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