murraya covered in some sort of sap?

kasia88June 20, 2013

So after a rough care of my parents and winter stasis my murraya has nicely recovered over the past few months. The green branches are starting to harden.

Now however, some of the leaves are going a little pale, and it looks like the entire plant has been sprayed with sticky water. There are droplets on leaves and twigs.

I have it set up on southern window, but considering there's a building in the way it's not in the sun all day. More like 1h or 2 of strong sun. I water it whenever it gets dry which is pretty much every day or two now.

Anything to be concerned about? I've never had it the sap thing before. At least not in this amount.


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Very likely a scale insect infestation ...and those are a BEAST to fight(at least it's been a nightmare for me).

I personally hate them more than any other pest because for some reason they are the only pest that gives me any trouble and when I spot an infestation my usual reaction is "oh god no not again!". In my case it spells out a slow death sentence for the infected plant unless you are absolutely diligent and ruthlessly attentive.

Do a few searches for scale insect on the search function here on gardenweb and you will see what I mean.

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I've been wondering what those things were : / I used to take them off before, now there's more that i stopped. Any checked methods that you'd recommend to remove them?


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So far the only thing that's worked for me(kinda)has been putting the infested plant outside where predatory insects that eat scale can get at them(ladybugs and lacewing larvae etc.).

Others will be along shortly with additional advice. :)

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Kasia...Do you see scale on your Murraya?

Has your tree flowered? If so, sap drips from blooms.

Murraya is prone to spider mites. So, check for webs. Brown lumps that can be scratched off is scale. Mealy is white and cottony.
I DETEST mealybug.. mealy is the only insect I can't rid.

I once received an Olive tree loaded w/scale. Long story short, I followed directions from a FL citrus tree nursery owner.
1 capful Fish Emulsion and 16oz water. Mixed well.
The mix can be divided if you're spraying one plant.

Spray the entire plant. Leaves, underneath, upper, stems and trunk.

The only drawback is Fish Emulsion has a fishy odor that lasts 2-3 days, but well-worth the smell. lol.

If your Murraya has insects, please inspect nearby plants.. Scale, mealy and mites travel to other plants.

Good luck, Toni

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Yea it's scale.Other plants are fine. It's only this one. I scrubbed it off for now since I don't have anything against insects, and gave it a nice wash.

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