Watering equipment help??

jackierooke(z5MI)June 5, 2013

Hi all.....
Might sound like a strange question but the only place I will have to put all the new plants I got is an east window shelf that
is over a huge tub and surround. Physically I'm unable to climb up and over the tub to get to them to water. So.....my question is does anyone know of or use a sort of wand contraption that can extend 4 feet or so and feed from a gallon milk jug? We have a water softener so I don't use the tap water.

Would appreciate any feedback or suggestions.


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Well, I have one long watering wand but it depends on the pressure of tap water supply.
I suppose you could get a pump action sprayer but that wouldn't supply a great quantity of water.
I'm thinking you either have to have some way of creating pressure, or of raising the level of the water container so you can get downwards flow.
I have a cordless water pump that I bought when we were in drought conditions, it's 12 volt and has a recharge battery thing - the idea is you drop it in like a big bin of water and you can use to pump - it has some tubing and I guess you could create a longer watering wand with a bit of nous.
To be honest I never got to use it as the rains finally came, but if you want to check out something similar the brand name was Ozito (australia)
Question though - how do you get the plants out there in the first place and how do you access them if they need care?

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Good question. To get them up there, I have to call on hubby or a friend. My house is just dark! The bathroom is about the only "light" room in the house. And its a very big bathroom at 10x15'l

If I can't find a way to water, for the winter, I'll have to put "water plants" on the honeydo list for hubby to do when he comes home every two weeks or so.

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